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&#91LETTERS TO THE EDITOR&#93Dig deeper for better reporting

I read your article entitled “Age-old hurdle on the job,” in the JoongAng Daily’s issue of June 11, 2003, with great interest. It was well-written and addressed an important subject. But in my opinion, the article didn’t dig deep enough.
The article was subtitled, “Senior Workers Are Snubbed, Pushed Out,” a subtitle that quite aptly summarizes the report. But this isn’t really news. I would imagine that most of JoongAng Daily’s readers know that this situation occurs in Korea more than in other places.
The real questions are why, what negative effects does this have on Korean employees, employers and the Korean economy and what is being done to address the negative effects? Also, the situation exists for a reason. Why are things as they are, and what is the cost of change?
Please do not take my comments as complaints. I am impressed with your writing, and the JoongAng Daily in general. But as an avid newspaper reader, I want to know THE STORY ― the whole story. I understand that newspapers have space constraints, but try to avoid superficiality in your writing.
Report things that people don’t already know. Ask insightful questions. For example, don’t you think it’s ironic that older Koreans tend to support the status quo, yet in employment they suffer from it more than younger people?
The best part of your article was the last sentence, which reads, “‘There are difficulties if an aged person comes to us as an entry-level employee,’ a government official said.” That sentence should be the first sentence of a new article. I guarantee that the new article would be more interesting to read and also more interesting to write.

by George Corser
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