&#91LETTERS TO THE EDITOR&#93‘Who ya gonna call?’ Try Randi

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&#91LETTERS TO THE EDITOR&#93‘Who ya gonna call?’ Try Randi

I read the story, “A Tale of Ghosts and Spirits, or More Earthly Matters?” written by your staff writer Lee Ho-jeong and carried on the J-Style page of your paper on Tuesday.
I am disappointed at the story as it completely lacks the spirit of skepticism and imagination.
The title says, this story is about ghosts and spirits, or more earthly matters and it really fail to touch on the more earthly matters, such as the likelihood that these people you’ve interviewed are frauds or simply delusional.
My guess is that the former is the case, not the latter.
A follow-up article would be wonderful where you invite these people who claim to “see dead people” the opportunity to participate in James Randi’s “One Million Dollar Challenge” to prove their claims.
And they can be tested: See www.randi.org.
My guess is that the group you wrote about in your article would probably refuse, and that to me smells like rotten fish.

by Patrick Stewart
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