[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]Smoking is a hazard to kids

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[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]Smoking is a hazard to kids

When I walk the street, I frequently see people walking with a cigarette in their mouths or hands.
The number of such people seems to have recently increased because companies and public health agencies are conducting anti-smoking campaigns according to the revised National Health Promotion Law, making it more difficult for people to smoke indoors.
But smoking while walking is very dangerous behavior that can hurt other people.
The temperature of a cigarette’s light is said to be 800 degrees Celsius. If a man who is 175 centimeters (5.74 feet) tall smokes as he walks, his cigarette will hang from his hand at a height that could hurt passing children.
If a man burns the face of a child by mistake, the child could go blind.
In addition, the clouds of smoke that follow walking smokers frequently irritate the eyes and throats of the people near them. It is well known that secondhand smoking is as harmful as firsthand smoking. People should abstain from smoking while walking.

by Go Jae-jung
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