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[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]Gojan-dong, Ansan, Gyeonggi province

Abuse of handicap stickers
Recently there has been a conspicuous increase in cars that have stickers identifying the occupants as handicapped people. If so, are all the vehicles operated by the handicapped? District offices issue the stickers to the driver or family members of the car owners who are handicapped. If people receive handicap stickers, they receive tax deduction, convenient parking spots, and exemption from vehicle tow-aways. For handicapped people, this social system is very convenient.
There are people that abuse this system by registering a distant relative as the owner of their vehicle just to receive handicapped stickers. If ordinary people receive benefits that should be the privilege of physically challenged people, then the handicapped people will suffer inconveniences.
I believe we need to reevaluate the handicap sticker system. It is only right to grant stickers to vehicles that carry handicapped people or are driven by handicapped people. The district offices should regularly review whether the stickers are issued to the right people.

by Lee Ji-eun
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