[EDITORIALS]Dirty politics in Yeouido

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[EDITORIALS]Dirty politics in Yeouido

The National Assembly brazenly approved a motion to release Grand National Party Representative Suh Chung-won, who had been detained on charges of receiving illegal money. Amid the mounting criticism of politicians, the lawmakers completely ignored the people’s wishes. We are speechless after seeing their shamelessness.
Although they unhesitatingly took an action that they shouldn’t have, they abandoned important legislative matters such as a bill to send more troops to Iraq and the ratification of a free trade agreement. Can they call themselves lawmakers of our country?
The primary responsibility lies with the Grand National Party. The people are enraged that a political heavyweight of the majority party who had been detained on charges of receiving 1 billion won of illegal funds from the Hanwha Group was released because the party abused its power.
How dare the Grand National Party talk about naming an independent counsel and holding hearings to investigate alleged corruption among presidential aides while sheltering its member? How dare it ask for votes in April?
The Grand National Party’s spokesman said the measure was to check the prosecution’s politicized probe and abuses of the administration’s authority. The party could not guarantee that Mr. Suh is innocent, so how can it say that? If it has principles, it should have demanded the release of Kim Young-iel and Choi Don-woong, who were at least detained on charges related to party affairs. How dare it propose to release someone charged with corruption?
The Millennium Democrats supported the release of Mr. Suh in return for support to probe President Roh’s campaign funds and those of the Our Open Party leader. After that back-door deal, the Millennium Democrats issued a statement criticizing the Grand Nationals.
The Millennium Democratic Party has argued that the probe of the presidential primary campaign funds of Hahn Hwa-kap was unfair. That argument no longer gets any sympathy from the people. The two parties must be aware that the people will support their coalition only if they intend to check the president and his power by fair means.
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