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[EDITORIALS]Dabbling in politics

At a press conference with broadcast journalists, President Roh Moo-hyun appealed to the people to support Our Open Party, and that was simply inappropriate. While paying lip service to attempts to improve the livelihood of the people, Mr. Roh bluntly supported a particular political party just before the legislative elections. That is unacceptable.
“In order to lead this nation responsibly, I need supporters in the National Assembly, and that is why I want to win the legislative elections,” Mr. Roh said. The remark can be seen as a frank revelation of his hardship as a president whose political background comes from minority legislative support. His remarks showed that Mr. Roh is ready to jump into the election campaign for the election victory. That is going too far, and people are uneasy.
“The people will make a clear choice whether they will allow me to carry out government affairs for the next four years or they want to shake me and make me step down,” Mr. Roh said. Following that logic, all the presidents whose political parties lost the legislative elections should have resigned.
Regarding the issue of holding a referendum as a vote of confidence, Mr. Roh said, “If I speak now, the nation will be simmering. That does not help state affairs.” That makes us wonder if he is saving some kind of explosive statement for the future. It is impossible to understand how far he is willing to go for this legislative election victory.
“I expect that the people will vote for Our Open Party in the election,” Mr. Roh said. “I will do my best within legal boundaries if there is anything I can do to help Our Open Party.” We are confused if he is the highest decision-maker of our nation or if he is the election campaign chief of Our Open Party.
The National Election Commission has already asked Mr. Roh to cooperate for a fair election. Mr. Roh must remember why such a request was made.
Earlier this year, Mr. Roh said he would concentrate on the economy. His promise to create more jobs was just talk. He is completely occupied with the legislative elections.
If Mr. Roh really wants to win the elections, he must gain confidence by stabilizing the economy; then voters would naturally support him. That is the best election strategy.
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