[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]The reality of well-being

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[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]The reality of well-being

In recent times, the catchword of the day has become “well-being.” From a well-being lifestyle to a well-being health diet to well-being kids, well-being has become a natural part of our lives. For those who seek well-being, it’s all about “eating well and living well.” Hence, it is about eating well, living in a good home, and investing money and time for a healthy body. Perhaps it is just me, but well-being seems to have a commercial bent to it. Of course, well-being stresses quality over quantity.
But nowadays, well-being focuses too much on physical and material happiness, giving the impression that man only seeks happiness in the material realm. Material affluence is not the be-all and end-all of well-being, and many find meaning in life even when they lack material wealth. The World Health Organization defines health as physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being, stressing that health has a comprehensive meaning.
Material affluence and physical health cannot guarantee happiness. True happiness is finding the meaning of life in trivial things that are around us. There are those suffering from diseases who, in the course of their struggle to regain health, get to prioritize their life, discover the preciousness of family life and live a life full of gratitude. There are patients who take an interest in others even in painful situations, who discover the meaning of life and find happiness in little things.
In a pluralistic society such as ours, true well-being is about finding something that is happiness for myself.

by Yun Yeong-ho
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