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[EDITORIALS]Promises into practice

The meeting between Our Open Party’s chairman, Chung Dong-young, and the Grand National Party’s chairwoman, Park Geun-hye, has come and gone.
The analysis and the solutions that the two have come up with for economic recovery and political reform seem appropriate. Now all that’s left is for the two parties to put them into action as they have agreed to do.
We believe it is possible for policies that prioritize the people’s livelihood and economy from the National Assembly and political sector to differ from those presented by the administration. For example, the Assembly’s committee on regulatory reform might take a different approach than the administration, and we think that is the way it should be. In the past, talks on regulatory revisions have failed to make progress, with representatives from the government and business sector both refusing to back down from their positions. Some people have even gone so far as to say that the situation with regulations worsened after the administration was put in charge of the affairs.
However, we believe the new committee can approach the restrictions objectively as it prepares to make a new beginning. Active interest and support from the leadership of both parties is necessary. We also have similar expectations about the committee on job creation.
We also welcome that the two parties decided to form a political reform committee to sever ties with the old habits. The decision to set aside the designation of election districts to outside personnel and ensure sufficient time is also welcome, because criticism about attempts at gerrymandering continued throughout the election period.
The parties have succeeded in producing results in the first round of talks after the Assembly elections. The decision to enforce those decisions by making the promises into a pact also shows much progress compared to the past.
Now the public will keep an eye on how the parties put their promises into practice, and it will be possible for them to see who has failed to keep their promises.
The government must also capitalize on this opportunity in the political sector and work to improve several laws that need revising.
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