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[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]A Muslim perspective

This is written in our (Muslim) Holy Book: “The killing of one innocent person is like the killing of all humanity.” So we Muslims condemn this killing of Kim Sun-il. We, the Muslims in Korea, are trying to introduce Islam to the Korean people, but after this killing our responsibilities become more crucial and difficult ― to tell them that this is not a true Muslim’s act.
I don't know what advantage those people got out of it. It made more people turn against them and Muslims. But at the same time, I want to convey one message to all my Korean brothers and sisters, that we are with you in this time of sorrow, but please don’t connect this sort of wrong activity with Islam and with all Muslims ― because it hurts us; because the teachings of Islam are not like this.
So if a few people are doing something wrong, that is their own act and as you can see, we all are condemning this. Also being a researcher, I want to say that when we present our research results at seminars, we discuss each and every point, find mistakes with logical reasoning, ask “Why did it happen like this?” and “What should we do to correct it?”
So do think about the reasons behind the trouble going on in Iraq. Do think about the crimes being committed against Muslims in Iraq by occupation forces (I think you remember Abu-Ghraib prison, what very little has been revealed the media). Do share their anger and grief as well but not by sending troops (even though we understand the sensitivity of Korean-American relations), but by condemning the forces in the wrong. Do think that at least 100 people per day (all Muslims) are being killed there in Iraq these days. And before connecting this incident with Muslims, do remember that those Iraqis who are fighting there are against everyone who is supporting occupation forces irrespective of religion and nationality.
They killed many Muslims as well, and as I am writing these words, I heard on the news that there are three Turks and a Pakistani also being held hostage just because the abductors said that they were working for the occupation. So I think there is no logic to connect this incident or others like this with Islam.
We Muslims denounce all sort of terrorism ― individual, group or state terrorism. And in the end I will say again that we Muslims can not and we should not justify this killing under any circumstances. But one question for you: Will you allow other countries to invade, occupy, kill you and not fight to liberate your country? That’s what we Muslims believe is going on in Iraq.

by Ihsan Ihsanjut
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