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[EDITORIALS]Dignity lacking at Blue House

The presidential office of the Blue House and the work it does are a barometer of the quality of the nation’s politics and culture. Accordingly, words, both written and spoken in the name of the Blue House, should be dignified and well presented.
But recently, several incidents involving the presidential aides and their words drive us beyond disappointment, into despair. The recent posting of an online parody involving Park Geun-hye, former chairwoman of the Grand National Party, and the violent statement made by a Blue House secretary are hard to comprehend.
We find it difficult to accept the explanation that the Blue House gave in regard to the parody of Ms. Park, where she is featured as the star of a sexually explicit movie.
The Blue House spokesman said the officials did not see the picture but just read the opinion piece. Is the Blue House trying to say that as long as it likes the writing, the picture should not matter?
Prime Minister Lee Hai-chan, cornered by the Grand National Party legislators at the National Assembly, shot back by asking why the senior secretary for public information should be fired because of an anonymous online piece.
That an online writer posts such a crude parody is the lesser problem here. The real problem is that the Blue House, instead of deleting it, moved it to the top of its official bulletin board.
Several days ago, another Blue House secretary wrote in the Blue House newsletter, the Cheongwadae Briefing, saying that some newspapers should “immediately stop the exorcism of curses.” He was referring to public criticism about relocating the capital. It is problematic that an official at the presidential office should so openly attack the press with words filled with hostility.
It is one thing to differ politically, but it is another to differ with dignity and manners. The thinking that crude language and culture can be used to attack political opponents will pull down the level of our political culture.
We urge the presidential secretariat to mind their words and actions to not drag down the level of the entire country with them. The Blue House should not attempt to gloss over these incidents. It should call into account those responsible.
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