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[EDITORIALS]Restore Goguryeo history

The attitude shown by China over the issue of the distortion of Goguryeo history is very disappointing. The flare-up of anger by South Koreans over the distortion of Goguryeo history is one that China brought upon itself. Instead of reinstating Goguryeo history on the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Web site, Beijing deleted chunks of Korean history prior to the establishment of the Republic of Korea.
It has gone so far as to temporarily delay issuing visas to Grand National Party lawmakers who planned to go to China. This is not the kind of action expected from a nation that gave birth to a civilization and that is one of the leading nations today.
We strongly urge the Chinese government to restore descriptions of Korean history that it deleted from its Web site to their original state.
In 1963, China and North Korea organized a joint archaeological expedition and, for two years, 62 scholars from both countries participated in excavating ruins and relics in China’s northeastern region. The joint team published a report in 1966, and they agreed that the excavation would be done jointly, but the priority of ownership of the Goguryeo relics would be given to North Korea. This surely proves that China considered Goguryeo to be a part of Korean history. For China to reject past history now can be seen as an intentional distortion that has a political motive.
We appeal to our government and the National Assembly. The distortion of Goguryeo history must not be responded to emotionally. Passion gone astray only hinders problem solving. In this regard, we must cancel the resolution on nullifying the Kando Agreement which some legislators have presented. To reject the present territorial boundaries of China is merely an act of populism that does not help correct distortions in history.
In correcting China’s attempts to distort Goguryeo history, there is no governing or opposition party. The government and the National Assembly must cooperate closely to set the matter right. We must make a firm and strong demand to China to take corrective measures, and we must let the international community know that Goguryeo is part of our history. Specific measures could include holding vibrant academic exchanges with North Korea, translating Goguryeo research books and distributing them abroad, and seeking strategic solidarity with countries that border China.
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