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[EDITORIALS]Military discipline crumbling

The investigation of alleged irregularities surrounding the promotion of Army generals is creating a bigger stir in the military by the day. This time, military prosecutors and the Defense Ministry are in a mud-slinging fight. The ministry blamed the prosecutors for leaking information about investigation, which the prosecutors denied. This is an utter absurdity in a military in which maintaining a strict chain of command is vital.
We pointed out that we have to pay attention to the possibility that the military prosecutors have been driven into the corner to consider suspension from duty as a last resort. We thought that although the liability is low, their investigation could have been interrupted by outside intervention.
But seeing the result of investigation since the probe began and the behavior of the military prosecutors, we cannot help but point out that there is an even bigger problem in the military prosecutors’ attitude.
First of all, they failed to disclose decisive evidence of wrongdoing, although they have investigated for more than a month even with search warrants.
They can’t evade criticism for their method of investigation: “Something will come out, if suspects are arrested and interrogated when there is some suspicion.” They must look back to see whether there weren’t problems with their investigation.
The same applies to the alleged information leaks. They made an excuse by saying, “We didn’t leak the information voluntarily. We answered the reporters’ questions.”
What kind of man tells everything to reporters merely because they questioned him? The prosecutors talked because they wanted to use the media. Even the president warned them to refrain from mobilizing public opinion.
All of a sudden, they urged the military authorities to suspend them from duties, and then strongly reacted to the Defense Ministry’s decision to do so by accusing it of using a flawed procedure.
We don’t know why they continue to disobey orders. We can only speculate that they are revolting against their superiors because they have strong supporters behind them.
The minister of defense must clarify whether there was a violation of regulations, such as information leaks, and take strong punitive action accordingly. As the commander of the military, the president can’t step aside from this. Military discipline is eroding.
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