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[EDITORIALS]Salacious report for private eyes

A computer file containing private information and rumors about television stars and entertainers is spreading rapidly over the Internet.
Along with the public’s curiosity about entertainment stars, the rumors can wrongly be misconstrued as truth and infringe upon the privacy rights of the stars.
The Internet is a strong medium for sharing. We are living in the world in which one computer click brings us diverse pieces of information easily, but that information also needs filtering.
Korea is considered an information technology powerhouse, and such technologies as peer-to-peer file sharing systems, messenger programs and mini web-pages are accelerating the proliferation of information and reinforcing multilateral communications.
Because of the uniqueness of the Internet, leaked information cannot be easily retrieved. That is why information handlers must be educated in ethics, and information managers need to be appropriately controlled.
Also, Internet users should be aware of the problems caused by spreading information regarding a person’s privacy.
What is most needed is to reinforce the work ethics of information managers. The present situation occurred because an employee of Dongseo Research, who was working with Cheil Communications, passed the file to his friend.
A market research report is not a document of an individual. It is something that should be viewed only by the client.
If the researchers had strong work ethics, then they would not have leaked the report, which contained in-depth, highly personal background information on models for commercials.
Television entertainment show reporters and newspaper journalists who reacted to the report also violated ethics rules. The information should not be used for purposes other than what is was intended for.
If they had strong work ethics, then they would not have embarrassed the stars by propagating unconfirmed rumors.
Even if legal actions are taken against those who released the file, the damaged honor of the stars will hardly be redeemed.
Internet users should stop exchanging a report that only panders to their base desires. People should delete it right away from their computers.
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