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[EDITORIALS]No haven from terrorists

A wave of terrorism threatening innocent lives at random has hit the global community. On Thursday, Londoners witnessed four suicide bombing attempts targeting buses and subways, following a bomb attack earlier this month. More than 80 people were killed at a resort on Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula Saturday when a series of bombs went off. On Friday, more than 10 people were wounded by a bomb that went off in Beirut.
Terrorism is humanity’s enemy. It threatens the dignity of human life, which could be called the noblest value of humankind. That is why the efforts to stop terrorism should not be limited to only a few certain countries. This is a common goal of humankind that international society must join hands to fight for. The terrorist forces are trying to achieve their political agenda by causing extreme fear. We will not be able to defeat terrorism if we give in or compromise with the terrorists.
Since the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States, every country has come up with one plan or another to deal with terrorism. Some of these efforts include the legislation of anti-terrorism acts and budget allocations to prevent terrorism. Countries have also stepped up their intelligence-sharing. Yet terrorism continues in all parts of the world, demonstrating that the measures taken so far have not been good enough. It is a particularly serious problem if the recent wave of terrorism is due to a breach in the system of international cooperation. Such a breach would mean that similar attacks could occur anywhere, anytime.
Our country is no safe haven from terrorism. We have dispatched our military forces to Iraq, and we have U.S. soldiers stationed within our country. Moreover, the APEC summit meeting to be held in Busan in November will be attended by leaders from the Unites States, Japan and Australia, among other countries that have sent troops to Iraq. We need to remember that al Qaeda attacked London while the G8 summit meetings were being held there. We need strict enforcement of preventive measures more than ever.
The government should build close relationships with foreign intelligence services. We should prevent terrorist suspects from entering the country with strict immigration supervision, and reinforce our control over illegal aliens that are here now. Security checks on subways and other public systems are also mandatory.
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