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[GAME MASTER]Dynasty Warrior 5

There are times when a person just has to pour out his inner destructive urge. Instead of using one’s brain to try to figure out clues that seem to have been designed to have no solution, a mindless wielding of swords and spears at large numbers of incoming enemies really helps relieve stress.
Yes, the latest installment of Dynasty Warrior meets this exact need for a gamer who is really tired of playing mind-wrecking games.
There is nothing to think about except just striking down countless enemies who swamp everything. The good thing about Dynasty Warrior is that while it is violent, there is no blood and no body parts flying all over the place ― enemies just disappear when killed. The latest Dynasty Warrior is not much different from earlier versions though the types of warriors, weapons and battlegrounds have been expanded. Also, the maps are less complicated so you are less likely to lose your sense of direction.
There are some orders and clues to give a sense of mission but some can just be ignored. Players are advised to kill off the mid-level bosses, which helps increase power, instead of just aiming for a large number of lower-level enemies. However, there are some enemies who seem impossible to kill. Lu Bu, with his pointy antennae like feathers and long spears, just seems to be immortal. A single stroke and your energy gauge is almost empty. Of course, well into your battle with Lu Bu, your commander yells, “Forget about Lu Bu and strike the enemy boss by attacking from another route!” That’s the only way to defeat Lu Bu for a player just starting the game with weak life and strength gauges.
Additionally, the player must be careful not to be attacked by more than three mid-level bosses. The continuous combo attacks from the bosses may appear intimidating even if your gauge for special attacks fills up quickly, providing more opportunities to use them.
The bodyguard system has improved as well. Instead of several bodyguards following the player around and striking at any enemies, they now help the player by focusing their attack, increasing combo plays and executing simultaneous special attacks. Also, instead of being given the same bodyguard, the player can select the one he prefers. Each time the player gets to finish a stage, a new weapon or a bodyguard is given. Of course, there are limits to the number of bodyguards so one might have to choose the type of bodyguard he likes to have in his selection list.
The graphics have improved immensely, with smoother movements. The game has added new rides such as an elephant, which is slow but very powerful. And, of course, the elephant can attack another player, depending on who is riding it.
Players who want to have more of a challenge can always turn up the level to harder and extremely impossible.
The real fun, however, is unlocking new characters. The player is given basic characters in each kingdom. With a character completing an entire mission, which is different for every character, a new one is unlocked. The new character goes on and on until, after finishing some of the full missions, the player gets to choose from a very large pool of new characters.
Verdict: Even with its simplicity, the game is addictive and the very best at relieving stress.

by Lee Ho-jeong
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