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[LETTERS to the editor]One question unanswered

I read with interest the article about Mr. Kang Jeong-koo, the notoriously left-leaning lecturer at Dongguk University. However, an important question was left unanswered. Putting aside my opinion on Mr. Kang’s views (I do not agree with him, but acknowledge his right to express himself freely in a democratic society ― whether or not it violates the National Security Law is another matter), I have to ask: What were 20 reporters doing in his classroom? As a teacher, I know the presence of even one guest can sometimes affect the classroom dynamic.
If the school allowed the intrusion, shame on them for turning a class into a circus. If Mr. Kang allowed it, then I have no respect for him as a teacher, because it is obvious his vainglorious quest for controversy compromised his integrity. If the reporters entered without permission, then they did not show much respect for the students’ education.
On a more general note, let Mr. Kang and other believers in the North cross the border for a while, and live in a land where integrity and joy are driven out of a person, and then we will see if they are still so eager to mock democracy by praising the society of the Dear Leader.
South Koreans, you do not want to deal with North Korea in its present state. Put aside ideas of tourist visits, unified national teams, brotherhood, and reunification until that hideous regime is no longer in power. They cannot be trusted to respect human dignity.

by Douglas Binns
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