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[EDITORIALS]What’s he talking about?

Uri Chairman Chung Dong-young announced the formation of a coalition of democratic and reform forces. One feels sorry to see him to bring up this issue when he must be busy in the campaign. He and other senior party members appealed to voters to “prevent the opposition parties from making a clean sweep of the local elections.” They must have chosen to do this out of desperation, but they still do not see the core problem.
The Uri Party broke away from the Democratic Party. If the Uri Party says it wants to get back together with the Democratic Party, will those who support the Democratic Party vote for the Uri Party? A coalition of democratic and reform forces is nothing but a fancy name. The true meaning is to form a union of those who are from places other than the Gyeongsang provinces. Uri members said they wanted to overcome regionalism when they bolted. Was that just an excuse?
It is a pity that this is how the Uri chairman perceives the current situation. He still does not know why citizens turned against his party. It is wrong to find the reason in its separation from the Democratic Party. Right after they broke away, the Uri Party won a legislative majority in the 2004 National Assembly elections. Why doesn’t he reflect on the mistakes that the ruling party has made during the last three years?
The administration has divided Koreans and stirred up conflicts. Foreign policies have been inconsistent and national defense policies have resulted in less, not more, security. The administration has never confronted Pyongyang, and things have gone the way Pyongyang wanted. Uri tried to win over moderates and avoid agitating left-wing radicals. Police and soldiers have been beaten up by protesters. Real estate prices are skyrocketing, and the administration threatens citizens instead of taking responsibility for failed policies. Public education does not work, but the administration sticks to an egalitarian system.
It is unbelievable that the Uri chairman says he will put priority on the economy after the local elections and embrace all the people. He said no matter who voters elected, Uri would carry out political reforms using its status as the party that controls the Blue House. Such a comment before the election is an insult to voters.
If he truly feels bad about this situation, he must abandon this shallow tactic of preaching reform and reflect the voters’ voices when managing the nation.
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