Arrogant U.S. ignores rules

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Arrogant U.S. ignores rules

It is beyond our understanding why the United States ignored a United Nations resolution and gave tacit consent for North Korea to export weapons.
It is astonishing that the United States chose to neglect the agreement, reached by the international community, as it sees fit. It is also absurd that the treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, which the United States supported as a basis to demand the abolishment of North Korea’s nuclear weapons, can be fluid.
The United States took the lead in adopting the UN Security Council resolution against Pyongyang right after North Korea launched a nuclear test last October.
UN Security Council resolution 1718 stipulates that UN member states are banned from importing all types of North Korean weapons and providing money which could be used in the development of weapons of mass destruction.
The United States also pressed South Korea to participate in its Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation Security Initiative, focused on inspecting North Korean vessels traveling in the open sea.
However, at that very hour, according to the New York Times, the United States decided to approve Ethiopia’s importing weapons from North Korea.
Pursuant to the resolution, the United States should have stopped Ethiopia from importing weapons from the North. However, it tacitly approved the imports because the weapons would be used to fight against Islamic terrorists in Somalia.
The United States violated the same resolution it championed. It has killed any justification for preventing another country from importing North Korean-made arms.
The resolution, designed to make sanctions against the North, is as good as null and void now.
It is not new for the United States to ignore a UN decision.
There have been similar cases, even after the Cold War era. The recent case in point is its invasion of Iraq.
Of course, the United States would make its national interests the priority. The United States has the right to determine what contributes to its national interests. However, it should also be responsible for respecting international agreements. The country should not expect consent if it continues to be arrogant, applying double standards for its own necessities. The criticism of its unilateralism, under the guise of pragmatism, will continue to grow.
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