[Letter to the editor]Are they really sorry?

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[Letter to the editor]Are they really sorry?

Nowadays in Korea, many people are coming out, confessing that their academic achievements are counterfeit. I believe these people are to blame for deceiving others. It doesn't matter whether or not the fake credentials were relevant to their work; it is a good thing to admit they told a lie and apologize in public.
However, I feel insulted by some of these apologizers. I think when a person comes before the public to apologize, one has to do so from the bottom of one’s heart.
Some people don’t, though. They begin with “sorry” and end with “but it’s not my fault.” I do acknowledge they may be victims of a social climate that judges people solely on their academic achievements. However, it seems that their reason for apologizing is too egotistical: to protect themselves. They seem to disclose their lie now because the timing is good to hide behind others apologizing, and thereby deflect some public blame.
Lee Injung, Ilsan, Goyang, Gyeonggi
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