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Tragic reminder

A former baseball star and failed businessman may have killed four members of a family he was close to and then committed suicide.
According to police, primary suspect Lee Ho-seong was in conflict with the murdered woman about the return of borrowed money. He is also suspected of killing her three daughters.
In the cruelty and precision of the crime, and in how someone took life so lightly, we find the prototype of a beast within the human race. We’ve witnessed a terrible drama of how greed can destroy a person.
Lee graduated from an elite high school and university and was captain of a renowned baseball team. His excellence in leadership and social skills earned him the presidency of the Korea Baseball Organization Players’ Association.
After retiring from baseball, Lee became a businessman and at first, ran a large business. Due to a lack of experience, however, he became a fraud victim. He then turned to an off-track betting business and went bankrupt. According to police, Lee was struggling with debt when the crime occurred.
Typically, sports help to build a healthy body and mind. Through participating in athletics, people usually learn sportsmanship and teamwork and how to play a role as a member of society. Because of its utility, sports since early times has long been recommended for young people to help produce solid members of society.
What led Lee, who ended his baseball career with a commendable record, to fall to such depths?
We believe the main reason lies in distorted social values and a culture of selfishness that encourages people to care mainly about their own wealth. When we die, it is not the money, property or prestige that people remember. Those things are superficial and pass away. They will not make us happy or fill the void in our soul. This kind of crime will reoccur when money becomes everything to people.
In his will, Lee wrote, “Please, take care of my wife and children. I don’t understand why I have lived a life like this.” He seems to be remorseful.
We need to remind and encourage each other not to live that kind of life.
The roles of religion, school and family are very important. And if we think this kind of tragedy is always someone else’s affair, then this kind of disaster will continue to take place. We should accept it as a warning to all of us.
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