Mumbai crippled

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Mumbai crippled

Mumbai, the economic and financial capital of India, suffered a terrorist attack on Wednesday, leaving at least 125 dead and 327 wounded so far.

Terrorists forged simultaneous attacks in 10 crowded places including hotels, a train station, cinema and hospital. They opened fire at anyone in sight and threw grenades. Many of the guests at the seized hotels were taken hostage.

The 9/11 terrorist attack fears of seven years ago were revived in Mumbai. We denounce this attack in the strongest terms possible. Some suspect the Indian based Mujahideen, an offshoot of the radical Students Islamic Movement of India, rather than Al Qaeda. Others suspect Islamic forces in Pakistan, which strongly oppose the hard-line stance of the Indian government regarding the Kashmir conflict, as joining hands with an Islamic terrorist group.

The attack is a reminder of the danger terrorism poses to society. No less important than punishing the terrorists responsible is determining the causes of the attack to prevent another one.

Despite rapid economic development in recent years, India has a volatile demographic structure, in which 40 percent of the population live in dire poverty. The conflict between the different classes is as serious as the religious conflict between Hindus and Muslims.

Confrontation with neighboring Pakistan over borders has continued for decades.

While conflicts remain, terrorist attacks will be a constant stumbling block against India becoming an economic giant.
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