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[Letters] Equality in education

I agree with the editorial “Improve public schools now” (March 2), which suggests a possible solution to reduce inequality in education.

People used to believe education provides more chances for people to get secure and well-paying jobs, so it was regarded as a means to get out of poverty and achieve a higher social status. However, the apparent gap in spending on private education deprives the children of poor parents of hope and opportunity.

Why do rich parents and their children want private education? It is mainly because public education doesn’t satisfy their needs. We live in a complex and diverse society; however, public schools are behind the times and need improving. They offer a standardized curriculum regardless of each student’s level and interest. How can one teacher satisfy all the needs of 40 students in a class? The first thing the government has to do is reduce the number of students per class from 40 to 15, which will enable teachers to pay more attention to each individual student and give better education. Moreover, the government should allow schools and teachers to develop and employ new customized courses that will best fit each individual student’s specific needs.

In addition, the government needs to help underachievers by providing a mentoring system nationwide. Indeed, some learners are slower than others and they sometimes need extra classes and tutoring. My school already has a mentoring system for students from relatively poor families during the vacation, which turned out to be effective. It is the government that should pay for their education so everyone in society gets an equal opportunity to get ahead in life. Shin Hye-won, teacher
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