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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (PG)

Adventure, Fantasy / 153 / English

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Chaw (12)

Adventure, Thriller / 121 / Korean

The quiet town of Sammaeri near Mount Jiri has been crime free for a decade. That is, until now. Bodies of villagers begin turning up, and they are all in a horrible shape. Il-man (Jang Hang-sun), whose granddaughter was one of the victims, is sure that a man-killing boar is behind the crimes. He joins forces with detective Shin (Park Hyeok-gwon) and Kim (Uhm Tae-woong), another detective whose mother has gone missing in the woods. With Su-ryeon (Jung Yu-mi), a biologist studying wild animals, and hunter Baek (Yoon Jae-moon) on the team to fight the giant killer beast, the five start up the mountain to face their enemy.

Doraemon: Nobita’s Dinosaur (PG)

Animation / 107 / Japanese

When Suneo shows off his dinosaur fossils to friends, Nobita claims he will be able to find a whole live dinosaur. To keep his promise, Nobita starts digging a hole in the ground. By a stroke of luck, he discovers a dinosaur egg and plans to hatch it. With the help of Doraemon’s time warp, the egg hatches and a dinosaur with a long neck jumps out. Nobita and Doraemon decide to name the dino “Pisuke,” but doesn’t yet reveal it to their friends as the animal is still too small. But soon Pisuke grows much too big for the two to keep, and the whole neighborhood slips into turmoil. Before friends can even get a peek of the dinosaur, Nobita and Doraemon are forced to use Doraemon’s time wrap again to return Pisuke back to where it belongs in the far past.

My Father (12)

Drama / 100 / Korean

Sixth-grader Gi-su (Jo Mun-guk) is a bookworm who always gets straight As at school. But his father (Chon Moo-song) thinks studying is worthless, saying farming is all you need to know in life. His father’s plans to turn his son into a farmer make Gi-su incredibly upset and unhappy. Meanwhile, Gi-su’s homeroom teacher (Park Chul-min) prepares a class play. One day Gi-su’s father comes to school looking for his son, who is practicing for the play after school, and scolds him for not helping out in the fields during such a busy season. With Gi-su gone and other kids leaving as well, the play is now on hold. Will Gi-su be able to convince his father to let him return to school?

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (12)

Action, Sci-fi / 150 / English

Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf), the lucky kid who discovered these alien robots in disguise in the first film, is heading off to college. Meanwhile, the Autobots have been made part of a testosterone-fueled elite U.S. military squad called NEST, which opens the film parachuting into Shanghai to fight Decepticons in a fantasy world where the projection of American military power knows no bounds. Soon, Megatron (Hugo Weaving) is back, bringing with him an even bigger baddie - The Fallen (Tony Todd), one of Optimus Prime’s great-great-great uncles. They’re after a key called the Matrix of Leadership that will let them destroy the sun.

When Sam accidentally touches a shard of the Allspark from the first film, it gives him crazy alien glyph nightmares.

He turns to a government agent-turned-conspiracy-theorist (John Turturro) to decipher his dreams, leading him straight to the Matrix key and the sun-destroying machine in the Egyptian Pyramids.

Juon: Old Lady in White, Girl in Black (15)

Horror / 112 / Japanese

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the “Juon” movies, the first two films ? “Juon: Old Lady in White” and “Juon: Girl in Black” ? have been merged together. Juon: Old Lady in White is about a cursed house where a young girl and her family were brutally murdered. Even after 10 years, the curse lingers.

Akane (Akina Minami) is pulled into the horrors by the disgruntled dead. Juon: Girl in Black is about a nurse named Yuko (Ai Kago), who looks after a sick young girl suffering from an unknown disease. Inside the girl, Yuko discovers the corpses of unborn twin girls.

Happy Flight (NR)

Comedy, Drama / 102 / Japanese

It’s just a simple flight from Tokyo to Honolulu, right? Don’t expect a nice quiet journey on this plane. With pilots Noriyoshi Harada (Saburo Tokito) and Kazuhiro Suzuki (Seiichi Tanabe), and flight attendants Etsuko (Haruka Ayase), Mari (Kazue Fukiishi) and Reiko Yamazaki (Shinobu Terajima), the way to Hawaii cannot be more surprising. A couple of hours after takeoff, the computer starts to malfunction inside the airplane. Not only that, but a typhoon threatens the crew and passengers on board. Will everyone land safely on their destination? Or will they have to head back to Tokyo?

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