[Letters] We must end world hunger

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[Letters] We must end world hunger

If people do not start sharing food now, some third-world countries will soon become barren wastelands due to the lack of sufficient food supply. This serious food shortage makes the populations in these countries suffer pain and agony.

Saving poor people in third-world countries is more urgent than adjusting food prices. Dropping huge amounts of crops into the Pacific Ocean like an annual ceremony to satisfy the landlord’s greed cannot be justified. By giving these crops to others in need, we can save numerous lives from death by starvation.

Of course, there are those who oppose giving away food. One argument is that food donation often involves limitations, terms and conditions. But when it comes to saving people, donors should not feel they are due anything in return.

Another issue often brought up with food donation is the concern that we could be using excess food as an energy source. But people should think about what should take more of a priority: moving vehicles, or aiding people on the verge of death. Biofuels made of corn or soybeans have already caused crop prices to soar nearly 30 to 70 percent annually. This issue will threaten all human beings, including developed countries’ populations in the near future. There is no use in moving machines at the expense of a globally insufficient food supply.

In addition, people can find a “good” reason why human beings must divide their food among others in nature.

The wisdom of sharing food can be taught by animals. Kangaroo rats, for instance, show an important lesson to people about surviving as a whole in harmony. Since kangaroo rats live in the desert area, it is difficult to find food. However, not a single animal dies in a group, because they always share their limited food equally. Our situation is much better than kangaroo rats. We already have enough food to satisfy all populations in the world. If people donate their overabundance of food to third-world countries, all despair and frustration from world hunger will disappear soon.

All in all, some people may argue that humans do not need to be concerned about others’ lives because each individual has their own way of living and their own anguish regardless of position or class.

Bill Gates, one of the richest men in the world, stated, “Individuals are not equal.” However, this statement should not be taken to mean that poor people should go on living painful lives while rich people enjoy their bountiful lives. Since the world is not impartial, people who have lots of food in reserve should share their food with others who face hunger.

Ryu Dae-geon, university student
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