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[Letters] Social integration is essential

These days, when we see newspapers, TV news, columns or opinions, we encounter these terms a lot: “conservatives” and “liberals.” We see these words in front of names, administrations, political parties, civil groups, unions and so on. Since the advent of French Revolution, the two words started to take their shapes and have affected people around the world ever since.

Of course, it is necessary to let people know what people’s positions are and how they perceive and interpret society. Also, we learn about the definition, history and effect of the words in school to help students to understand society better. So, we need these to some extent.

However, too much emphasis on it would not lead to “social integration” but instead it would achieve “social dispute.” In addition, people can develop an ideological point of view dichotomizing and putting everything into the two categories. It is dangerous because people can be extremists who don’t accept the viewpoints of the other side.

People are currently going too far, blaming each other and never accepting those who have the same outlook as they do.

Social integration is an essential part of the development of a country. Therefore, we should tamp down this dispute a little bit because if social dispute extends too far the nation can collapse.

We should stop hating each other and end these practices of not accepting others. We should compromise and collaborate with those in another category for a better society and country. We need to find a central point, which can take on opinions and interests of all sides.

If there is a thesis, antithesis always follows and when it combines, we have the better solution of synthesis. So, put into the real world, we get synthetically a better Korea.

In this context, it was appropriate for the Lee Myung-bak administration to announce that it will take a centrist view, compromising with all sides and that it will launch a task force amending the gap between the different groups and fulfilling social integration.

People have high expectations for the new policy and we have to see whether the administration lives up to expectations and can really integrate our cracked society.

If successful, it can be put on the President’s successful policies list and can be remembered by our descendants.

Jeong Yeong-hun, Posung High School student
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