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Paradise (G)

Drama, Romance / 110 / Korean

With a star-studded cast, a top Japanese writer and a famed director of TV dramas, “Paradise” is one of seven global telecinema (television + cinema) projects produced by SBS (South Korea) and TV Asahi (Japan) that will be screened first in theaters and then on television in both countries.

Mi-kyeong (Kim Ha-neul) is released from prison and has no home or family to return to. She wants a fresh start and hops on a train, where she sees an advertisement for Hana Island, billed as the “last paradise on Earth.” She decides to head to the island, but is hugely disappointed once she arrives. Nonetheless, she takes a job at a cafeteria there and meets a group of people who change her life. While the island is not a utopia, Mi-kyeong slowly realizes that she must discover her own form of paradise with the people she meets.

Wish (18)

Drama, Action / 110 / Korean

Based on a true story, teenager Jjang-gu (Jeong Woo) enters a high school in Busan and joins a gang called the Monsters. While he wasn’t pressured into joining, he also didn’t want to join, but he feels that it’s the right thing to do. In joining the gang, Jeong Woo learns what becoming a man is all about. Director Lee Seong-han heard about the true story of Jjang-gu, which inspired him to start making the film right away. The film also reveals how prevalent violence is in daily life in Korea.

I Am Happy (15)

Drama / 113 / Korean

Yoon Jong-chan, the director of “Goosebumps” (2001) and “Blue Swallow” (2005), is back with an adaptation of Lee Cheong-joon’s short novel, “Mr. Cho Man-deuk,” about a man and his life at a psychiatric ward. Man-soo (Hyeon Bin) runs a car repair shop in a small town and lives with his mother, who suffers from dementia, and his older brother, who is a gambling addict. After a series of unfortunate events, Man-soo locks himself in his room and is eventually sent to a mental institution, where he has a delusion that he’s a millionaire. He eventually falls for the head nurse, Su-kyeong (Lee Bo-young), who has her own problems. The two begin to realize that what they want and need is a happier life.

Hong’s Family Business (12)

Action, Comedy / 117 / Korean

The director of the second and third installments of the “Marrying the Mafia” trilogy, Jeong Yong-ki keeps it in the family again with “Hong’s Family Business.” The film follows the Hongs, who are the descendants of the Joseon Dynasty’s Robin Hood, Hong Gil-dong. Their goal is to keep that tradition alive, but it remains a family secret. By day, they are the perfect family - a father who is a professor, a mother who is the ideal housewife, a daughter who teaches high school, and their son. By night, they steal from the rich and give to the poor. However, they soon realize that breaking the law, even for the good of the people, comes with a cost.

Moon (12)

Sci-Fi, Thriller / 97 / English

Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) will soon finish his three-year work contract after being the sole employee at a lunar outpost. His main responsibility is to send supplies of helium-3, the energy source used by humans, to Earth. With so little human contact, Bell misses his wife and daughter, who was born right before he left for the job, and feels he has been isolated for too long. Two weeks before he is scheduled to leave, Bell has an accident, wakes up at the station and is told that a rescue team is on the way. After an unexpected discovery, Bell begins to doubt his sanity and his mission becomes figuring out how to get back home.

A Christmas Carol (G)

Animation, Fantasy, Drama / 96 / English

The classic Charles Dickens story is retold in 3-D animation, with Jim Carrey starring as the young, middle-aged and old Ebenzer Scrooge and the three ghosts of Christmas past, present and future. Set in England during the Victorian era, the old and miserable moneylender Scrooge is alone on Christmas Eve. He is visited by various ghosts who show him visions of his own past, present and future while reminding him of the spirit of the season.

Shared Streets (G)

Documentary / 82 / Korean

“Shared Streets” is a documentary that takes an intimate look at the restaurant Saemtuh Bunshik in the Hongdae neighborhood in Seoul. A 20-something hip-hop musician gripes about the changes that have taken place in Hongdae over the past couple of years and how the price of a cup of coffee is becoming more expensive than a meal. Using the actual restaurant and other stores in the area as the backdrop, the film tells the real story behind this bustling neighborhood.

These synopses were culled from http://www.imdb.com and http://movie.naver.com.
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