[Letters] No empty populist promises

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[Letters] No empty populist promises

I strongly agree with this opinion as a citizen who pays taxes to the country and deeply wishes for an equal society.

First, the current and the future administrations should effect wise fiscal policy making in order not to squander the ordinary people’s taxes inefficiently. I don’t want to waste my precious taxes for changeable policies.

As you mentioned, for the ruler’s short-sighted judgement which focused on power and the next election, the government spent an enormous amount of money to compensate for real estate in Chungcheong and to hurt the beautiful nature in Saemangeum. But still, these are controversial issues to which most people can’t answer that it was a good choice.

Second, policies should be for every member in society, not just for restricted groups. Politicians may get support related with their short-term plans, but absolutely must lose another majority’s votes in the next election. For example, the current government, which has so many plans for construction, presented the budget for the four rivers project, which was expected to be 13 trillion won [$11.25 billion] at the beginning (in December 2008).

Now, that has been revised to be 30 trillion won (in October 2009). It was too shocking an amount to even consider. A lot of poor people and many smaller firms suffer from a lack of aid from the government. Will they have no right to vote in the next election?

Third, politicians should make stable policy in order for the people to trust them. Korea is notorious for the violent National Assembly in making decisions. It seems to me that both the ruling and opposition parties are fighting only to rule the people legally and with authority. Especially concerning education for children, who are future voters to them, they have to work prudently without thinking about their own aims.

Nowadays politicians who worry about the indifference and hatred of government always say that they seek to set up policies for the common folks. I want sincerely wise policies, not just words. Don’t make empty promises for the ordinary people.

Grace, Seoul, kci0282@hanmir.com
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