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[Letters] Curbing yellow journalism

I read recently your editorial “Rooting out yellow journalism,” which is full of sermons for yellow journalists to learn the ethics of journalism and responsible behavior in a modern information-age society.

Journalism is not a vocation but a profession which people demand integrity and honesty from.

Being a former chairman of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication at Kurukshetra University, I have written and spoken on “Excellence Models for Journalists in a Changing Economic Scenario” regarding the qualities of the mind (I.Q.) and heart (E.Q.) among journalists of today and tomorrow.

To prove the credibility mentioned in your editorial, a journalist needs to verify the facts with a sense of full responsibility without getting a bad name.

It is sad that Korean industry suffered damages from false and mischievous reporting by journalists who deserve to be identified, punished and taught a lesson not to repeat this kind of behavior in future.

There is a strong case for a level playing field in print, radio, television and Internet media, all with ethical codes of conduct. Every Internet sites have to be registered with authorities.

An ombudsman is also needed to listen to complaints against yellow journalists who defame the otherwise noble profession.

Today’s media is international, especially since everyone can access information via in the Internet.

Professor M.M. Goel,

ICCR Chair Professor of Indian Economy at the Graduate School of International and Area Studies, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
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