DP digs in heels on cabinet nominee

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DP digs in heels on cabinet nominee

President Lee Myung-bak’s nominee for knowledge economy minister faced a cold snub by the Democrats yesterday when the opposition lawmakers refused to convene a committee meeting to endorse his appointment.

Choi Joong-kyung, former vice minister of finance and senior secretary to the president for economic affairs, was grilled by the Democrats about his wife’s real estate investments in a tough confirmation hearing Tuesday.

DP floor leader Park Jie-won and the party’s members on the Knowledge Economy Committee of the National Assembly decided yesterday to fiercely oppose Choi’s cabinet appointment.

“Compared to his predecessor Lee Jae-hoon, Choi is far worse,” Park said. “His nomination must be withdrawn.”

Five months ago, Lee Jae-hoon gave up his nomination to the same post after Democrats accused his wife during his confirmation hearing of profiting on real estate with insider information.

The Democratic Party refused to convene the Knowledge Economy Committee, which is headed by DP lawmaker Kim Young-hwan. “I have no intention to cooperate in adopting the confirmation hearing report,” Kim said.

“The committee meeting won’t take place for a while,” he said.

Despite the Democrats’ fierce opposition, the legislature’s role in confirming the nomination is nonbinding. If the committee doesn’t endorse the nominee, the president has the right to urge the National Assembly to complete the process. Even if it doesn’t, the president has the right to appoint a cabinet minister anyway, and President Lee has done so three times in the past.

Contrary to Choi’s ordeal, Culture, Sports and Tourism Minister-nominee Choung Byoung-gug was given the green light yesterday when his confirmation hearing report was adopted by the ruling-party dominated legislature.

The National Assembly’s culture committee, which had been chaired by Choung himself, convened yesterday and approved the report on Choung.

The Democrats boycotted the session.

“Having served on the culture committee for 11 years, Choung has built up enough specific knowledge in the cultural sector,” the report said, adding that he is fit to serve in the post.

At the same time, the report stated that Choung failed to provide convincing explanations for some of the allegations raised at his confirmation hearing.It also noted that Choung, a three-term lawmaker, may only serve in the cabinet for 10 months if he decides to run for another term next year.

By Ser Myo-ja [myoja@joongang.co.kr]

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