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Pyongyang Castle (12)

Comedy / 117 / Korean

Director Lee Joon-ik, known for his megahit film “King and the Clown” (2005), is back with the new period comedy “Pyongyang Castle.” The movie, Lee’s eighth, is a sequel to his 2003 hit film “Once Upon a Time in a Battlefield.”

Set in the seventh century in Korea and China, the story revolves around the battle between the Silla, Goguryeo and Tang Dynasties.

General Kim Yu-shin of Silla (Jeong Jin-yeong) is out to take Pyongyang Castle, Goguryeo’s main fortress, which will allow him to rule the Korean Peninsula.

But Kim gets a tip that the Tang Dynasty is scheming to take over the entire Korean Peninsula.

This prompts Kim to join forces with Goguryeo to defeat their common enemy.

But when the king’s first son allies with the Tang Dynasty, it is clear they will need a new plan.

Meanwhile, in his brother’s absence the king’s second son Nam Geon (Ryu Seung-ryong) decides he will be the one to defend Pyongyang Castle.

I Am Love (18)

Drama / 120 / Italian

Directed by Luca Guadagnino, “I Am Love” is a 2009 film that received decent acclaim for its powerful acting and strong musical score - enough to earn a Best Foreign Language Film Golden Globe nomination this year.

The movie tells the story of a Russian immigrant to Italy (Tilda Swinton) who’s married to a Milanese industrialist with a rich family. Emma is her name, but she’s lost her original identity and says she can’t remember her Russian name.

Perhaps that is why she gets involved in an affair with her son’s best friend.

But “I Am Love” is also the story of familial ties, in which Emma’s father-in-law, as old as he may be, takes care of the family - his wife, sons and daughters.

It’s hard to describe this film because it seems to be more about the characters and situations they’re in than any specific story line.

But if the film won three critics awards and was nominated for a Golden Globe, there must be something it did right.
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