Presidential plane flight problems being probed

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Presidential plane flight problems being probed

Following the unprecedented emergency detour of the presidential plane on Saturday, the Blue House said yesterday it has launched an investigation into the maintenance glitch and to find those responsible for the incident.

President Lee Myung-bak and first lady Kim Yoon-ok, as well as the Blue House entourage and press corps boarded the aircraft Saturday morning to head to the United Arab Emirates.

Code-named Korea Air Force One, the Boeing 747-400 jet, leased from Korean Air, left the military airport in Seongnam at 8:10 a.m. About 20 minutes into the flight noise was heard near an exit on the left side of the jet.

While the captain initially determined that the noise did not appear to be a serious problem and that the flight could continue, more noise and vibration followed. After consulting with the president, the Presidential Security Service decided to land the plane 30 minutes after its take off. The plane changed direction when it was above Gunsan.

After dumping fuel in waters west of the peninsula, the jet safely landed at Incheon International Airport around 9:50 a.m. It was the first time that the presidential plane was forced to return due to a technical glitch.

After an inspection and replacement of a covering for a ventilation opening, the plane was refueled and left the airport at 11:15 a.m. While the repair work was carried out, the presidential couple and entourage waited aboard the aircraft.

The plane arrived in Abu Dhabi around 9 p.m. Korean time, about two hours late.

The Presidential Security Service said yesterday that the Air Force and Korean Air will be questioned about the incident. The Air Force is in charge of supervising maintenance of the presidential plane, while the airline is the actual service provider.

Blue House officials said the Presidential Security Service is reviewing the lease contract to determine whether Korean Air should be held accountable, depending on the outcome of the investigation. Other measures to prevent similar incidents are also being discussed.

The Blue House signed a five-year lease with Korean Air last April to exclusively use the 2001-model Boeing jet as the presidential plane. The airline provides crew members and maintenance, while the Air Force supervises the operation.

Before the lease with Korean Air the Blue House used chartered planes from Korean Air and Asiana Airlines for presidential trips. Until the end of the Kim Young-sam administration Korean Air was the exclusive provider of chartered presidential jets but Asiana joined the service during the Kim Dae-jung administration.

The tradition however ended when the Lee administration signed the deal last year to save costs. The Blue House said at the time that the five-year lease was a temporary measure before purchasing a presidential plane.

By Ser Myo-ja []

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청와대는 대통령의 외국순방 때마다 양대 국적항공사인 대한항공과 아시아나항공의 민간항공기를 번갈아 이용해 왔으나 지난 2010년 4월부터는 대한항공에서 장기임차 형식으로 빌려 전용 운항해 왔다.

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