[Letters] Don’t remove merit-based scholarship at Kaist

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[Letters] Don’t remove merit-based scholarship at Kaist

Eliminating merit-based scholarships at Kaist is probably the worst idea I have ever heard. Kaist and its students brag that they are Korea’s best and brightest and merit-based scholarships say, “Prove it.” Those who prove it get the scholarships, those who can’t, don’t. If a student doesn’t want that kind of pressure, he or she can choose another school. It really is that simple.

Some people also wish to blame President Suh. This, too, is asinine. Those students knew exactly the parameters of life at Kaist. They chose to attend the school knowing how fierce the competition is. Four people are responsible for the four deaths; namely, those four students who chose to kill themselves and no one else.

Failure and learning how to deal with failure is one of the most important lessons of life. The students who committed suicide chose to make it a lesson for death. I pity them, but by no means should they have any say in how Kaist grants scholarships. After all, they silenced themselves.

Matthew Smith, Busan
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