Mystery virus in 8 patients kills one

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Mystery virus in 8 patients kills one

A mystery virus that has infected eight patients from different parts of the country claimed its first known victim yesterday morning after a 36-year-old, nine-months pregnant woman died in a Seoul hospital of multiple organ failure triggered by pulmonary fibrosis and a stroke.

The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said yesterday that the woman had received intensive care treatment in a general hospital in Seoul for a month before her death. Doctors managed to save the baby.

According to the KCDC, the victim was one of the eight patients in the hospital receiving treatment for various conditions suspected to be caused by the same unidentified virus. All patients initially received treatments at different clinics around the country, but were later transferred to the Seoul hospital to receive intensive care, the KCDC said. The patients were not infected because they were at the same hospital, it said.

Seven of the eight patients, including the victim, were pregnant or had recently given birth. One was an adult male in his 40s.

One patient was treated and released on May 4, and another received a lung transplant after treatments failed.

The KCDC said the 36-year-old victim visited a clinic on April 8 after showing severe cold- or flu-like symptoms. On April 11, she was rushed to the Seoul hospital.

Despite the hospital’s efforts, pulmonary fibrosis, or scarring of the lungs, developed rapidly. After suffering from cerebral hemorrhage, the patient died 7 a.m. yesterday.

As anxiety spreads over the mysterious disease, health authorities said they are trying to identify the virus. Other possibilities, including bacterial infections and other immunological diseases, are being investigated.

Initial tests by the hospital discovered adenovirus and coronavirus, common cold causes, in two patients. But the KCDC said they may not be the cause of the pulmonary fibrosis.

“So far, we have found viruses that are often discovered in common cold patients,” said Yang Byeong-guk, head of infectious diseases at the KCDC. “What’s important is to identify whether the pulmonary fibrosis is triggered by a new kind of virus or not.”

By Yim Seung-hye []

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 보건당국은 A씨의 사망 원인으로 감염성 질환(바이러스·세균)은 물론 면역성 질환 등 여러 가능성을 열어두고 있다. 질병관리본부 박혜경 감염병관리과장은 “폐 섬유화를 동반한 폐렴 환자들에게서 감기 병원체인 아데노 바이러스와 코로나 바이러스가 검출됐다”고 말했다.

 한림대 한강성심병원 감염내과 이재갑 교수는 “여름 감기의 원인인 아데노 바이러스는 지난해 봄에서 가을까지 크게 유행했다”고 말했다. 코로나 바이러스는 아이들에게 폐 섬유화를 동반한 바이러스성 폐렴을 일으킨 국내 사례가 있다.

2009년 2월 ‘소아과 학회지’에 따르면 바이러스성 폐렴에 걸린 9명의 어린이 중 2명은 코로나 바이러스에 감염돼 숨진 것으로 나타났다.

 한편 정체불명의 폐렴으로 최근 S병원에 입원한 환자는 모두 7명이며 이 중 6명이 출산 전후의 여성이었다. 이들은 다른 병원에서 치료받다 S병원으로 옮겨 치료를 받아 왔다. 대한감염학회 이사장 오명돈 교수는 “산모 7명 모두 발생 장소가 다르다는 점에 비춰볼 때 아직까지 신종플루나 사스(SARS·중증 급성 호흡기증후군)처럼 새로운 바이러스에 의한 호흡기 전염병이라고 볼 가능성은 희박하다”고 설명했다.
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