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Artists show process behind the product


Fifteen artists reveal the raw groundwork of the creative process in a new exhibition, “A Brushstroke,” which runs through Aug. 21 at Hakgojae Gallery in northern Seoul.

“Through these drawings and paintings, we wanted to show how these famous artists build on their initial ideas and how they incorporate them into their final works,” said Maeng Junghwan, a curator at Hakgojae.

“By organizing their thoughts and exploring various techniques during the initial stage, the artists complete their own artistic language. In a way, these drawings are almost their own emotional memos.”

The exhibition features 38 drawings and paintings by 15 artists from Korea and abroad, including Richard Serra, Guiseppe Penone, Antony Gormley, Anish Kapoor, Lee Ufan, Sam Francis, Kim Hodeuk, Liu Xiaodong, Kim Taiho, Chung Hyun, Yoon Hyanglan, You Hyeonkyeong, Simon Hantai, Chung Sanghwa and Suh Yongsun.

Near the gallery entrance stands a large canvas, whose bottom half is painted black. The work, “Handke” by Richard Serra, incorporates color blocking, highlighting Serra’s idea of mass and density - in which the saturated black space on the bottom contrasts with the bareness of the top half. The painting showcases Serra’s focus on volume and linear silhouettes, which form the bases of his sculptural works.


“Untitled” Liu Xiaodong, top, and “Self-Portrait 8” by Suh Yongsun are part of the exhibition “A Brushstroke,” which runs through Aug. 21 at Hakgojae Gallery in northern Seoul. Provided by the gallery

Simon Hantai’s “pilage” technique, in which he folds the canvas and paints over it to make patterns reminiscent of leaves and crystals, is featured in his painting “Tabula.” In the painting, four different color blocks painted with the pilage technique illuminate the artists’ style, which also contains influences from Pop Art and Surrealism. The blocks have an outline of simple, rectangular shapes, but through the folding technique, simultaneously incorporate a decorative element, which creates depth within a minimal foundation.

In You Hyeongkyeong’s oil painting “Ordinary Male Model K, Hapjung Mapo Seoul,” around 40 drawings of a nude male model lying in different positions fill the canvas.

“You Hyeonkyeong’s paintings are often erotic but the subject is always drawn in a very dry, not at all sensual sort of way,” Maeng said.

Next to the painting, the artist’s self-portraits, drawn in pencil, hang on the wall. The canvas includes five drawings of the artist’s face, all from different angles. Each of the drawings features a different technique in gradation and light.

Another self-portrait featured in the exhibition is by Suh Yongsun, titled “Self-Portrait 8.” Making his mark in the local art scene during the 1980s with his pine tree paintings, Suh is known for his use of intense colors and bold lines. In “Self-Portrait 8,” the artist once again uses strong brush strokes to bring movement and intensity to his paintings.


“Tabula” by Simon Hantai features the artist’s pilage technique of paint on a folded canvas.

Chinese artist Liu Xiaodong’s “Untitled” features two palettes with various colors brushed onto the surface. The wooden palettes were actually used by the artist for a work he did in Korea called “Inwong Mountain” and the colors and lines on the palette replicate the feel of the original painting.

In “Inwong Mountain,” a man in a yellow-and-blue striped shirt and a woman in a dark green dress stand on the edge of a balcony, both looking at different things. The sense of disconnection in “Inwong Mountain,” is shown in the scattered paint colors on the palette.

“By looking at the abstract collection of colors and lines on the palette, viewers can get a sense of the ideas and feelings behind ‘Inwong Mountain’ and what the artist tried to convey through the final product,” Maeng said.

*“A Brushstroke” runs until Aug. 21 at Hakgojae Gallery in Jongno District, northern Seoul. The gallery is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesdays to Saturdays and from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays. Admission is free. Go to Anguk Station, line No. 3, exit 1. Call (02) 720-1524~6 or visit

By Cho Jae-eun []

한글 관련 기사 [중앙일보]
미술가 15인의 드로잉 … 선으로 읽는 그들의 감성

김태호의 ‘알맞게 움직이다B2’(2011). 나뭇가지 꺾어 얼기설기 묶어 먹 찍어 그으니 가는 가지, 굵은 가지, 생긴 대로 자취가 남았다.
#1. 안토니 곰리(Antony Gormley·61)는 드로잉을 생각의 방법이라 믿는다. 그는 22m 높이의 날개 편 사람 형상 ‘북구의 천사’로 영국 북부 탄광촌을 문화 명소로 되살린 조각가다. 곰리는 조각을 하면서 항상 드로잉을 한다. 그의 드로잉은 감정의 로드맵이다.

 #2. 김태호(58) 서울여대 교수는 살풀이·궁중무 등 전통춤을 눈여겨본다. “우리 춤이 돋보이는 부분은 최소한의 움직임이다. 동양화에서 기운생동(氣韻生動)이란 큰 붓질로 휘젓는다고 나오는 게 아니다. 알맞게 움직여 매력적인 화면을 보여주는 것, 그게 나의 과제다.” 그는 나뭇가지를 여러 개 꺾어 얼기설기 묶은 뒤 먹물 푹 찍어 소포 싸는 누런 종이에 긋는다. 자연이 내는 최소한의 자국. 해서 제목은 ‘알맞게 움직이다’다.

 소묘·데생 등으로 불리기도 하는 드로잉은 그 자체로 완성된 작품이 되기도, 작가의 생각을 정리하는 수단이 되기도 한다. 국내외 작가의 드로잉에서 작품에 대한 예술가의 마음가짐을 짚어보는 ‘한 획(一劃)’전이 6일부터 서울 소격동 학고재 갤러리에서 열린다. 안토니 곰리· 리처드 세라·아니쉬 카푸어·김태호·김호득·서용선·유현경·윤향란·이우환·정상화·정현 등 작가 15명의 드로잉과 회화 38점이 전시된다.

 전시작은 각각 하나의 완성품이거나, 다른 작품을 위한 본이고, 작가의 기술을 시험하는 연습장이며, 감정과 생각을 담은 메모이기도 하다. 작가들은 ‘한 획’을 그리면서 수많은 실험과 연습을 했을 터다. 청나라 초기의 화가이자 화론가였던 석도(石濤)는 한 획은 모든 그림의 시작이고, 그것을 알게 되면 그림의 이치를 깨닫게 된다고 쓴 바 있다. 8월 21일까지. 02-720-1524.
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