[Letters] Are they really saying they’re being professional?

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[Letters] Are they really saying they’re being professional?

I was reading with great shock and disbelief in today’s (April 10, 2012) Korea JoongAng Daily about the bungled rescue attempt and cover up by the Suwon Police Department. I always thought a police department was made up of mature, intelligent individuals. Therefore, it was more than shocking to read, “ 20 officers of the emergency call center listened to the victim screaming for help for around six minutes.” Furthermore, to have the audacity of asking, “ Are you really saying you’re being raped?”

What type of training are the police and emergency personnel receiving? There should not only be a resignation of the police chief but a total overhaul of the Korean police department’s chauvinistic and primal thinking. As a foreigner in Korea, I always thought this was a safer country than America or Canada. Now I know it has all been a cover-up.

Franziska Hermes
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