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[Letters] Writing your one and only book of life

Many great men in history have emphasized the significance of reading. German writer Hermann Hesse, who passed away 50 years ago, said, “In books, we can discover ourselves, learn wisdom and find everything we ever need.” Through the exploration of unfamiliar worlds by reading, we can communicate and get the true lessons of life.

By reading, we take time to face ourselves. Based on the contents of the book, we communicate with our inner souls and gain valuable realization. Moreover, we communicate with the author and other readers to expand our awareness. The process of communication and growth helps us create healthy self-awareness.

Books are treasures in life, and they often begin with a preface. In it, the author usually explains the motive and message of the book as well as the development, expression and experience of his writing.

What is the ultimate reason of writing the preface? Maybe, the author wants to enhance the value of the writing. By revealing his thoughts on certain topics in the preface, the author wishes to communicate with the members of the community. He would concisely reveal that this book is worthy of being read by many people.

German writer Jean Paul compared life to a book. But he viewed the people as the readers of the book of life. But as principal agents, we are rather the authors writing it. We constantly write each day in the book of life. We all get a chance to write one book only, and since we cannot change what has been written, it is very valuable and special.

2012 is the year of reading, and September is often considered the month of reading, as it signals autumn. In September 2012, how would you write the preface of your book of life? You can start by the motivations, inspirations, objectives, attitudes and philosophies of your life. Also, you should think about who has helped you in the course of life and how you would express your gratitude. Your one and only book of life will become more profound and valuable.

* Gwon Sun-hyeong Student at Kangwon National University
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