Salvation Sect raided once again

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Salvation Sect raided once again


Police officers yesterday cordon off followers of the Evangelical Baptist Church in front of the chapel inside Geumsuwon, the retreat for the religious sect, in Anseong, Gyeonggi. The joint forces of the prosecution and the police raided Geumsuwon to search for key aides to Yoo Byung-eun, the leader of the sect, who is on the run. [NEWS1] 경찰들이 어제 경기 안성 소재 종교시설 금수원의 예배당 앞에서 기독교복음침례교회 신자들의 출입을 막고 있다. 검경 합동 수색팀은 도주중인 유병언씨를 돕고 있는 핵심인물들을 찾기 위해 금수원에 진입했다. [뉴스1]

Police and prosecutors yesterday raided a religious retreat to arrest people suspected of helping the de facto owner of the Sewol ferry evade capture.

*religious retreat: 종교 수양시설
*be suspected of~: ~로 의심받다
*de facto: 사실상의, 실질적인

경찰과 검찰이 어제 세월호의 실질적인 소유주의 도주를 돕고 있는 것으로 의심받는 사람들을 체포하기 위해 종교 수양시설에 전격 재진입했다.

The move came a day after President Park Geun-hye chastened investigators for failing to locate Yoo Byung-eun, the 73-year-old patriarch of the family that owns the operator of the ferry that sank on April 16, killing 292 and leaving 12 unaccounted for.

*chasten: 훈계하다, 잘못을 깨닫게 하다
*locate:~의 정확한 위치를 찾아내다
*patriarch: 가장, 족장, 원로
*unaccounted: 설명되지 않는

박근혜 대통령이 유병언 검거 실패를 질타한지 하루 만에 나온 전격 작전이다. 유 회장(73)은 4월16일 침몰해 사망 292명 실종 12명을 낸 여객선 세월호의 운영사를 소유한 가족의 가장이다.

More than 4,000 police officers entered Geumsuwon, the headquarters of the Evangelical Baptist Church, better known as the Salvation Sect, in Anseong, Gyeonggi. Yoo co-founded the church with his father-in-law in 1962.
경찰 4천여명이 경기 안성 소재 구원파로 더 잘 알려진 기독교복음침례교회의 본부 금수원에 진입했다. 유 회장은 1962년에 장인과 함께 이 교회를 창립했다.

Helicopters, ambulances and water cannons were dispatched in case of any emergencies or physical clashes, though no serious clashes took place. Three weeks have passed since the joint forces embarked on a nationwide pursuit for Yoo and his elder son Yoo Dae-gyun.

*take place: 발생하다, 일어나다
*embark on~ :~에 착수하다, ~에 나서다

비상상황이나 물리적 충돌이 발생할 경우를 대비해 헬리콥터, 앰뷸런스, 물대포 등을 동원했으나, 심각한 충돌은 발생하지 않았다. 검경 합동수사팀이 유 회장과 그의 장남 유대균을 전국에 수배를 내린 지 3주가 지났다.

Among the six arrested men, four were on the wanted list for aiding a criminal suspect while one was apprehended for questioning. The sixth was arrested for obstructing police in the exercise of their duties.

*wanted list: 지명수배자 명단
*criminal suspect: 피의자
*apprehend: 체포하다

체포된 6명 중에 4명은 피의자를 도운 혐의로 지명수배자 명단에 있었고, 한 명은 조사를 위해 체포했다. 나머지 한 명은 공무집행방해로 체포됐다.

However, the search team failed to find two key female aides who are believed to have played a major role in keeping Yoo out of grasp of the authorities. But it confiscated a card used to pay highway tolls and an ID card from one of them, a 59-year-old woman surnamed Kim.

*play a role in~ : ~에서 역할을 하다
*confiscate: 압수하다

그러나 합동수사팀은 유 회장의 도주에 중요한 역할을 한 것으로 여겨지는 여성 두 명을 찾지 못했다. 그러나 김모(59)씨의 신분증과 고속도로 통행료 지불에 사용한 카드를 압수했다.

번역:이무영 정치사회부장(

Correction and rebuttal statement by the Evangelical Baptist Church

The Korea JoongAng Daily, regarding the reports since April 16, 2014, about the Evangelical Baptist Church (EBC) and Yoo Byung-eun, is publishing the following corrections and an excerpt from the rebuttal statement by the EBC.


Through three past investigations by the prosecution, it has been revealed that Yoo and the EBC, also known as the “Salvation Group” and Guwonpa in Korean, are not related to the Odaeyang mass suicide incident. That was also confirmed by the prosecution in its official statement on May 21. The prosecution’s investigation also found that Yoo had not made an attempt to smuggle himself out of the country or seek political asylum in France. We, therefore, correct the concerned reports.

Yoo retired from his executive management position in 1997. He did not own any shares in the noted companies, nor had he managed operations or used the operating funds for personal reasons. There are no grounds to call him the actual owner and chairman of the company. As such, he did not provide any directives in regards to the overloading of the Sewol ferry or its renovation.

It was verified that the captain and crew members who abandoned ship at the time of the Sewol ferry accident are not members of the EBC. It has also been verified that the EBC does not own any shares of Chonghaejin Marine Company and did not engage in its management.

Rebuttal statement

The EBC’s position is that the museums in the United States and Europe can never authorize an exhibition unless the artistic value of an artist’s works is recognized by the screening committee, irrespective of the amount of money an artist donates. The EBC’s position is that the exhibitions were not a result of Mr. Yoo’s patronage or donation, and Yoo also has not coerced Chonghaejin and its affiliates to purchase his photos.

The EBC states that Yoo did not participate in the foundation of the EBC in 1981, and the church does not offer him the title “pastor.” It also says a significant part of the 240 billion won ($206 million) worth of assets suspected of belonging to the Yoo family are real estate properties owned by the farming associations, which had been established by church members.

The EBC states that there are certain churches in Korea that call the EBC a cult, solely based on differences between their’s and the EBC’s doctrines.

But the EBC does not worship a particular individual as a religious sect leader or preach any doctrine that contradicts the Bible.

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