Good lessons from the movie ‘Myeongnyang’

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Good lessons from the movie ‘Myeongnyang’

I agree with your Sept. 20 article “Film elevates students’ respect.” The movie “Myeongnyang,” or “The Admiral: Roaring Currents” in English, surely has awakened a passion for history and a desire for better leadership. I strongly believe the movie has a good influence on students.

Seventeen million Koreans watched it and it received positive reviews all over the world. The first reason would be that the movie aroused students’ interests in centuries-old history. In Korea, the education system doesn’t emphasize the importance of our own history. Most students don’t study it because it is not needed to enter college.

The second reason is that the movie shows great leadership. Adm. Yi Sun-sin has always been well thought of in Korea. His leadership explains how a hero is someone who sacrifices themselves for other people without hesitation. However, there was no one like that during and after the sinking of the Sewol ferry. This fatal disaster questioned what role our government and our social leaders have. Our students will lead Korea one day. They can learn many things from the Sewol situation and the movie.

It made a profound impression on me. I also know of an acquaintance who bought a book named “A War Diary” written by Admiral Yi during the Japanese invasion of Joseon. It is helpful to understand the situation, and he read the book after watching the movie.

by Lee Jin-young

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