Ji-min hopes to become a ‘Rapstar’

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Ji-min hopes to become a ‘Rapstar’



AOA’s Ji-min is taking a short break from her day job as a group member to compete in “Unpretty Rapstar,” a survival show for rappers.

Although she knows she faces an uphill battle to be taken seriously in a genre not typically associated with K-pop, the performer is confident that her rap skills will speak for themselves.

Ji-min sat down to share her experience on the program with Ilgan Sports, an affiliate of the Korea JoongAng Daily, in an interview on Wednesday.

Q. Have you enjoyed being on the program so far?

A. It’s been hard. I’m a shy person and I’ve felt overwhelmed.

It seems like the show’s contestants criticize each other a lot. Is it really like that?

We agree on one thing: That criticism of each other on the program is just part of the competition and that we shouldn’t take it personally.

We talk with each other endlessly as we all share the fact that we are rappers. There are some things we can sympathize with one another about, so we naturally became close.

How do you feel when other contestants just simply treat you as a K-pop star?

I think I’ve done a lot as a member of AOA, but I’ve barely done anything as a rapper, so I understand any prejudice they have against me. I’m just confident that I can show them [what I can do] from now on.

Are you worried that this entertainment show will harm your image as a pop star?

The public’s opinion is very accurate. I think I have to deal with any attack on the character I have built. But I also know that they appreciate a person no matter what she does when she does her best. Also, there is no time during filming to think about whether any of my actions could hurt my public character. And even if I get hurt, I’ve promised myself that I will only look at the good side and try to find the things I can learn from.

Your voice is very unique. What do you think?

Many people say some might like it and some might hate it. But I like my voice a lot, so I don’t really care.

Do you think the show’s editing really reflects what happens during filming?

I think there is rarely a distortion. Of course, there are some methods used to make the program more fun to watch.

What makes a good rapper?

I think a good rapper is someone that comes up with a rap that listeners instantly say is good.

What have your fellow AOA members said about your appearance on the show?

They told me [I shouldn’t worry] because I did well. I worried a lot before it went on the air and they told me I was faking it.

Is there anything new you want to try with the group this year?

We would like to try emotional songs where our vocals can stand out. We have a lot of songs that spotlight our sexiness, but I just want to have a camera in front of me just once to show how I sing.

BY PARK HYUN-TAEK [summerlee@joongang.co.kr]
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