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Actor ready for something light


Son Hyun-ju

The upcoming movie “The Phone” might be the last chance for audiences to see actor Son Hyun-ju taking on a part in a serious film, as he thinks he’s been playing similar roles over the past few years and is ready to make a change.

In the latest thriller film, slated to open on Oct. 22, he plays a talented lawyer who wants to rescue his wife. The husband believes his wife was murdered about a year ago until he receives a mysterious call from his supposedly dead wife.

While filming the movie, Son had to run through streets and tuck and roll for chase scenes, resulting in fractured ribs and the loss of a fingernail. With 90 percent of the scenes in the movie taking place just before dawn, Son also struggled to become a night owl.

“I have done many movies dealing with some heavy story lines over the past five years, so my life has been very grey, but with this movie, I think I made it entirely black,” said Son, explaining how difficult it was for him to film this upcoming movie in a recent interview with Ilgan Sports, an affiliate of the Korea JoongAng Daily.

Q. It’s hard to recall you playing a cheerful role. Any plan to change that soon?

A. It’s been a while since I did some cheerful roles. There must be some people in their middle or high school years who may have not seen me playing any positive roles. I think now is the time to show them I can do something brighter. I don’t want to be an actor who is stubborn and always takes similar roles.

Your acting seems so real in scenes where you are cornered. Is this something you do based on your instinct or experience?

There are no set rules in acting. It’s not a calculated move but more close to basic instinct. There are many times when I see myself on screen and learn that I make a certain face when I am put into a certain situation in a scene. The audiences will know whether I’m sincere or faking. Of course, some experiences do help. I once played a character who was in his 50s when I was in my 20s. That was [hard to get into]. Actors need experience that can only be earned as they age.

But doesn’t having more experience make you fall into patterns?

Yes, I’m also afraid of that. When I did TV dramas, I did short-length shows in the middle of the series. It doesn’t matter if I get less money. I need to keep challenging myself so that I can keep learning. I watch many plays, movies and TV dramas these days. If I really fall into that pattern trap, I need to go back to the basics and go back to doing plays.

Do you remember what it was like to just start out acting 20 years ago?

When I moved over to TV from theater, I didn’t often get big roles. I’m actually so thankful for that, for not getting any big roles back then, because I wouldn’t have done a great job. And I don’t think I could have continued acting. Still now, I don’t care if I get a big or small role. It is important to just do your best to deliver what you are assigned to do.

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