Bisected corpse was bludgeoned and stabbed

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Bisected corpse was bludgeoned and stabbed

Police said Wednesday they identified the person whose severed corpse was found in two different spots near Sihwa Lake in western Gyeonggi. They said the victim was a 40-year-old Korean man, but didn’t release his name.

The victim appeared to be beaten on the head and stabbed.

“The police were able to identify the victim from his fingerprints,” said a police officer from the Ansan Danwon Police.

The police said further details about the victim’s identity would have to wait until after an investigation into the case. The police said they will question the victim’s relatives and friends to look for a suspect in the killing and mutilation.

The gruesome discovery of the lower half of a man’s body Sunday near the Buldo seawall in Ansan, Gyeonggi was followed by the upper half being found Tuesday in Sihwa Lake. The National Forensics Service compared the DNA of the two body parts and confirmed that they belonged to the same man.

The Buldo seawall is 11 kilometers (6.8 miles) away from the lake and both sites were along Road 301.

An autopsy was performed Wednesday and the primary cause of the death was presumed to be head injuries inflicted by an external force, the police said.

“We still don’t know if it was a blunt weapon that caused the injury,” said a police officer. “The skull had a compound fracture, a rib was also fractured and a lung was damaged due to multiple stabs by a sharp weapon.”

The police initially assumed the victim to be a teenage boy since the height of the corpse was about 150 to 160 cm (5 feet) and its foot size was about 210 to 220 milimeters, both relatively small for a male adult.

But according to police, the victim had three silver rings on the fourth finger of his right hand. One gold molar was found in victim’s mouth.

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