[Sponsored Report] AmorePacific focuses on breast cancer awareness

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[Sponsored Report] AmorePacific focuses on breast cancer awareness


The 2016 Pink Ribbon Love Marathon in Seoul celebrated its 16th year this September in Yeouido Park, western Seoul. [AMOREPACIFIC]

The 2016 Pink Ribbon Love Marathon in Seoul, hosted by the Korea Breast Cancer Foundation (KBCF) and organized by AmorePacific, was held on Oct.9 in Yeouido Park. The event provided information on breast health and emphasized the importance of self-examination for breast cancer.

Started in 2001, the Pink Ribbon Love Marathon is now holding its 16th competition this year. Following Busan in April, Daejeon in May, Gwangju in June and Daegu in September, the Pink Ribbon Love Marathon in Seoul was held in October, covering Yeouido in pink thanks to the support of some 10,000 participants.

With appearances by KBCF authorities, actress Jeon Ji-hyun, the spokesmodel for HERA, and representatives from the U.S. Embassy in Seoul, the Pink Ribbon Love Marathon focused on providing information on breast care through education on self-examinations for breast cancer and free consultations on the disease.

Brands such as HERA, Aritaum, Lecaf and Keumho Tire supported the marathon with activities during the event, providing opportunities for the whole family to learn what “healthy beauty” is.

Also, the 7th Pink Generation, a team composed of volunteers highlighted the excitement of the event in a live online broadcast.

Noh Dong-young, the chief director of KBCF delivered his congratulatory message at the event. “It is an honor to share our values with the 10,000 participants and our sponsors of this year’s Pink Ribbon Love Marathon in Seoul. The foundation will continue its concern and activities for the healthy beauty of women,” he said.

In 2000, AmorePacific invested its entire foundation fund to establish KBCF, the nation’s first non-profit public welfare foundation for breast cancer. Since then, the company has been holding the Pink Ribbon Campaign to raise public awareness of breast cancer.

Under the theme of breast health, AmorePacific has been holding a variety of activities for people of all ages emphasizing the importance of looking after one’s own body and health. The company strives to convey the message of self-confidence and self-care to women with these activities.

It has also been hosting events to generate public interest in women’s health and stress its importance. Instead of delivering a one-sided message, the campaign tries to attract everyone’s participation and encourage regular self-examinations for breast cancer.

Since 2001, approximately 520,000 people have participated in the programs of AmorePacific’s Pink Ribbon Campaign during the last 15 years. It has now become a major campaign for women’s health.

From 2001 to 2005, the Pink Ribbon Love Marathon, the main event of the Pink Ribbon Campaign, has donated funds of more than 2.9 billion won in total to the KBCF, with the help of approximately 275,000 participants.

Also, through the Pink Tour, AmorePacific provides general knowledge on breast health and information on how to examine one’s self for breast cancer through lectures provided.

Pink Tour is an educational program open to anyone, and includes lessons on the proper techniques for administering a self-screening for breast cancer.

Unlike the ordinary lectures on breast health offered only at limited places such as in hospitals, Pink Tour visits a number of places across the country. Between 2001 and 2015, the Pink Tour has offered over 820 session nationwide, and over 210,000 people have participated to receive information on breast health.

Starting in 2003, the “Pink Academy” was established as part of the Pink Tour to offer hands-on experiences to inform people of breast exams, recipes for keeping breasts healthy and effective Pilates moves for breast health.

Pink Generation, a group of volunteers who promote the Pink Ribbon Campaign, continues its activities as well to inform general people of what the meaning behind the pink ribbon is.

AmorePacific’s seventh Pink Generation was recruited in September to publicize the activities of the Pink Ribbon Campaign. The seventh Pink Generation plans to spread this year’s campaign slogan “Making A Promise to my Breast,” which emphasizes the importance of women’s healthy beauty achieved through regular self-examinations.

With the newly recruited Pink Generation, the company plans to continue its record collaboration project to communicate with breast cancer patients as well as the general public through music. Last year, “Pink-colored Smile,” a song written and composed by the 6th Pink Generation, was featured on an album by the band BeautyHandsome.

This year, a new song featuring Jung Jun-il, a singer-songwriter, will be released in October. Part of the profits earned from the collaboration will be donated to KBCF to support the medical expenses of breast cancer patients in need of financial support.

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