[앵커브리핑] '하늘에 뿌려진 돈' 그리고 '사라진 돈' (“Disappearing money”)

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[앵커브리핑] '하늘에 뿌려진 돈' 그리고 '사라진 돈' (“Disappearing money”)


뉴스룸의 앵커브리핑을 시작합니다.

This is today’s anchor briefing.

3년 전 대구 하늘에는 난데없는 돈다발이 뿌려졌습니다.

Three years ago in Daegu, a man suddenly threw banknotes all over the road.

알고 보니 그 돈 800만 원은 고물을 수집하던 할아버지가 한푼 두푼 모아 손자에게 물려준 것이었습니다.

It turns out that the eight million won that flew around the streets of Daegu that day was the money a junk collector had passed down to his grandson.

*pass ~ down: ~을 후대에 물려주다

안타깝게도 손자는 정신질환을 앓고 있었습니다.

Unfortunately, his grandson was mentally ill.

사정을 들은 사람들은 경찰서를 찾아가서 하늘에서 떨어진 300만 원에 가까운 돈을 되돌려주었고 한 시민은 편지와 함께 나머지 돈 500만 원을 선뜻 마련해서 내놓았습니다.

After hearing about the circumstances of the poor gentleman, people returned approximately three million won they picked up from the streets, while one man willingly gave away his own five million won along with a heartfelt letter.

*heartfelt: 진심어린

이듬해 여름 광주에서는 술 취한 사람이 돈을 길에 뿌린 채 쓰러져 있었지만 그는 단 한 장의 지폐도 잃어버리지 않았습니다. 행여나 그가 돈을 잃어버릴까, 한참 동안 자리를 지켜주던 시민들.

The following year, a drunk, unconscious man laid on the street with cash scattered around him in Gwangju. He didn’t lose any of his money that day. Some people even kept their place near the man to ensure nobody touch the money.

하늘에 뿌려진 돈은 내 돈일 수도 있으되 그것은 결코 내 돈이 아님을, 모두는 잘 알고 있었던 것입니다.

Everyone in both cases knew that the money scattered on the street could be easily picked up, but they knew that the money wasn’t theirs.

35억 원. 특수활동비라 이름 붙여진 그 돈이 하늘로 사라졌습니다.

3.5 billion won. This was the amount of money from the special expense account of the Blue House that suddenly disappeared into thin air.

*special expense account: 특수활동계좌

대통령 직무가 정지된 이후 올해 들어서만 70일. 하루 꼴로 따지면 5000만 원에 달한다는데 대통령도, 총리도, 참모들도 돈을 받아갔다는 사람은 없습니다.

Park Geun-hye’s presidency was suspended for the first 70 days of this year. That means that 50 million won was spent daily during the period, but neither the president, the prime minister nor presidential secretaries claim to have taken the money.

그렇다면 그 많은 돈은 대체 어디로 갔을까….

Then where did this astronomical amount of money go?

*astronomical: 천문학적인

청와대 직원 수당으로 나눠줬다는 누군가의 주장을 인정한다손 치더라도 20억 원을 훨씬 넘어서는 돈의 용처는 여전히 오리무중입니다.

Even if we accept the argument that the money was given as benefits for personnel of the Blue House, the usage of the remaining two billion won or so is still in the air.

*benefits: 수당

말 그대로 '특수'한 '활동'을 위한 것이어서 어디에다 썼는지 묻지도, 따지지도 않는다던… 그래서 누군가는 생활비로 썼다고까지 알려져 구설에 올랐던 그 특수한 돈.

Like its namesake, no one really questioned the usage of the money since its purpose was for “special activities.” That is why Hong Jun-pyo’s name was on everybody’s lips as he said in the past that he used his special activity account for his private living expense.

그러나 그것은 분명히 우리가 거두어 준 우리의 돈….

But that fund is created with the taxes we pay to the government.

대구의 시민들처럼, 광주의 시민들처럼…나의 돈과 타인의 돈을 구분할 줄 알았고 함부로 욕심내지 않았던 사람들이 신성하게 노동해서 마련해 준 돈이었습니다.

Those taxes were collected from hard working people, like the people of Daegu and Gwangju that knew that the money they saw on the streets wasn’t theirs.

하늘에 뿌려졌으나 시민에 의해 다시 주인에게 돌아간 돈. 반대로 시민들의 피땀으로 마련해 주었으나 하늘에 뿌려진 것 마냥 어디론가 증발되어버린 돈.

On the two occasions, money that was up in the air was picked up by common people and returned to its original owner. On the contrary, the money that we provide to the government was similarly thrown into the air but seemingly evaporated.

*evaporate: 증발하다

끝까지 용처를 숨겨 두기에는 시민들이 만들어낸 세상이 너무 밝습니다.

Attempting to hide how the money will be a challenging task because ordinary citizens have already brightened up the world.

오늘(29일)의 앵커브리핑이었습니다.

This is all for today’s anchor briefing.

Broadcast on May 29, 2017
Translated for June 03, 2017

Translated and edited by Kim Jung-kyoon and Brolley Genster
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