Jeju court rejects arrest warrant for car attacker

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Jeju court rejects arrest warrant for car attacker

The Jeju District Court on Wednesday rejected the police’s request for an arrest warrant for a 37-year-old man who rammed a 54-year-old woman’s car 28 times on Dec. 4.

The police investigation revealed that the man, surnamed Kim, backed into the woman’s car because he was furious that it was parked right behind his. Kim later told the police that he rammed her car “without knowing that there was anyone inside.”

The woman was rushed to Jeju National University Hospital after experiencing severe pain in her left pelvic area. She is still currently in the hospital.

The Jeju Dongbu Police Precinct charged Kim with attempted murder and the destruction of private property. The police then asked the court for an arrest warrant against Kim on Monday.

The warrant was rejected by the court on Wednesday because “there was no direct evidence that pointed to the fact that [Kim] was planning to kill [the driver] and because there is no concern that Kim will run away during the police investigation.”

The court also cited the fact that it was Kim’s first arrest and that he expressed regret over his actions as a reason for denying the warrant.

Despite the court’s opinion on Kim’s motives, the victim told press that she heard Kim telling her to die repeatedly as he crashed into her car.

“I kept shouting out for help. That is when he finally stopped and walked toward me smiling. He came to me and said, ‘You’re a cancer patient? That’s great! Then you should die’,” said the victim during an interview with local TV channel JIBS. “Then he got back in his car and started running into mine over and over again.”

According to the police investigation, multiple witnesses testified that they heard Kim shout out “die!” to the victim.

Police were called to the scene of the attack in Jeju city after receiving a report that a driver was attempting to kill a middle-aged woman at an electric car charging station.

A woman claiming to be the victim’s daughter posted online that Kim became incensed after the victim demanded to know why Kim unplugged her car’s charger.

Kim was immediately arrested at the scene.

After the arrest warrant was rejected, the police told the press that they were planning to launch an investigation that will look into additional evidence, like the black box from Kim’s car.

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