[앵커브리핑] '엄근진. 지옥고. 피뽑탈' “‘Eomgeunjin,’ ‘Jiokgo’ and ‘Pippeobtal.’”

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[앵커브리핑] '엄근진. 지옥고. 피뽑탈' “‘Eomgeunjin,’ ‘Jiokgo’ and ‘Pippeobtal.’”

Broadcasted on June 24, 2019
Translated by Jung Myung-suk and Brolley Genster

뉴스룸의 앵커브리핑을 시작하겠습니다.

This is today's anchor briefing.

'트와이스, 레드벨벳, 블랙핑크의 멤버 수를 모두 더하면 몇 명인가?' 한때는 젊은 감성 따라가겠노라고 저도 신경 좀 써서 이런 문제 정도는 맞히기도 했던 적이 있었습니다만… 줄임말에는 도무지 적응이 안 돼서 일찌감치 포기했습니다. 심지어 '별다줄'… 별걸 다 줄인다는 줄임말까지 나왔을 정도니까요.

“How many members are in Twice, Red Velvet and Black Pink?” For a time, trying to follow the younger generation’s trends, I was able to correctly answer questions like this…However, in the case of abbreviated expressions, I gave up as I could not get used to them. There is even a word for this: “byeoldajul,” which is translated in Korean as “even the weirdest expressions are abbreviated.”

*trend: 동향, 추세 *abbreviated: 단축된, 짧게 한

"'달빛 창문'을 축약한 줄 알고 사용했다"
- 나경원 / 자유한국당 원내대표 (2019년 6월 20일 관훈토론회)

“I used the expression thinking that it was an abbreviation of ‘moonlight window.’”
- Na Kyung-won, floor leader of the Liberty Korea Party during a debate at the Kwanhun Club in Jung District, central Seoul, on June 20.

소통하려면 젊은 세대들 말을 공부하듯 해야 하니 제대로 공부하지 못하고 사용했다는 야당 원내대표의 해명도 있었고… 지난 주말 청년들과 마주 앉은 그 역시 줄임말로 인해 애를 먹었던 모양입니다.

The floor leader of an opposition party needed to explain herself for inappropriately using a word that young people use because she didn’t study enough in her effort to communicate with the younger generation… A man, who attended an occasion last weekend where he had to face young men and women, also struggled because of abbreviated expressions.

*floor leader: 원내 대표 *inappropriately: 부적당하게, 어울리지 않게

'엄근진' '지옥고' 그리고 '피뽑탈'
‘Eomgeunjin,’ ‘Jiokgo’ and ‘Pippeobtal’

그는 아침 일찍 일어나 신조어를 검색해 준비했다지만 벼락치기에는 한계가 있었던 것일까… 결국 하나를 맞추고 둘은 틀렸습니다. 맞추지 못한 줄임말의 풀이는 다음과 같았는데. 그중의 하나는 마지막 취업 관문 하나를 넘지 못해 수없이 좌절해야 하는 안타까운 상황들을 이야기하고 있었습니다.

He said that he woke up early in the morning and studied newly-coined expressions, but cramming had its limitations… In the end, he answered one question correctly and got two wrong. The abbreviated expressions that he got wrong are explained as the following: one of them talks about a pitiful situation where job seekers go through numerous failures and feel frustration because they are unable to pass the final stage in a job recruitment process.

*coined: (새로운 낱말어구를) 만들다 *cram: 벼락치기 공부를 하다 *numerous: 많은

[지옥고] 반지하·옥탑방·고시원

[엄근진] 엄격·근엄·진지

[피뽑탈] 최종합격 전 신체검사에서 피만 뽑히고 탈락

[Jiokgo] An abbreviation that borrows letters from Korean words that mean: semi-basements, rooftop homes and goshiwon¸ a very small room usually rented out to students preparing for exams.

[Eomgeunjin] An abbreviation that borrows letters from Korean words that mean: strictness, sobriety and seriousness.

[Pippeobtal] An abbreviation that borrows letters from a Korean expression that means: failing to get hired right after their blood is drawn for a physical exam, just before the recruitment’s final stage.

"학점도 엉터리, 3점도 안 되고 토익은 800점 정도…
아주 큰 기업들인데도 다 최종 합격"
- 황교안 / 자유한국당 대표

“With bad grades with less than a 3 point [GPA] and a TOEIC score around 800…
Passing [as a successful candidate] for all companies, even though they are really big ones.”
- Hwang Kyo-ahn, chairman of the Liberty Korea Party

공교롭게도 바로 그 이틀 전, 논란이 되었던 그 발언과 맥이 닿아있었던 것이지요. 짐작건대 그 자신도 조금은 당황했을 것도 같습니다. 위로하고 격려하고자 조금 양념을 섞어 내놓은 말인데 왜 이리들 예민한가…

By chance, the statement fell right in line with the statement on June 20. I think that he would have been taken back as well. The statement was intended to console and encourage people with a bit of exaggeration, but why are people so sensitive?

*console: 위로하다, 위안을 주다 *exaggeration: 과장

"낮은 점수를 높게 이야기했다면 거짓말이지만,
그 반대도 거짓말이라고 해야 하느냐"
"내 마음을 잘 읽어보면 알 것"
- 황교안 / 자유한국당 대표

“If I added more to a lesser score, it would be a lie, but in the opposite case, is that also a lie?”
“You know [what I was trying to say] if you try to understand my intentions.”
- Hwang Kyo-ahn, chairman of the Liberty Korea Party

그러나 다르게 본다면 그가 친 양념은 지금 청년 세대의 가장 아픈 상처 위에 뿌려진 셈이 되었으니… 엄근진, 지옥고, 피뽑탈. 문제가 되었던 것은 그저 줄임말을 이해하지 못했기 때문은 아니었던 것입니다.

However, if you look at it another way, the exaggeration that he added, actually added salt to a painful wound of young people… Eomgeunjin, Jiokgo and Pippeobtal. The problem was not simply because these people could not understand abbreviated expressions.

"내 마음을 읽어보면 알 것이다"
-황교안 자유한국당 대표

“You know [what I was trying to say] if you try to understand my intentions.”
- Hwang Kyo-ahn, chairman of the Liberty Korea Party

진의는 그것이 아니었다고 그는 이야기했지만 세상이 정작 들여다보고 읽어봐야 할 것은 얼핏 듣기에도 무거운 느낌의 그 줄임말안에 들어가 있는 청년들의 고민과 잠 못 이루는 시간들. 그렇게보자면 아이돌 그룹 숫자 외는 것으로 젊은 감성 따라갔다고 잠시 우쭐했던 저도 꽤나 한가했던 모양입니다.

He said that his real intention was not to [make young people feel bad]. However, what the public should really look into and try to understand is the younger generation’s concerns as they spend their nights awake, which is reflected by the abbreviated expression. Looking at it this way, I too, must have had nothing better to do, because I was proud of having memorized the number of members in K-pop groups, which made me think that I was a person who followed recent trends.

*intention: 의사, 의도 *memorize: 암기하다

오늘의 앵커브리핑이었습니다.

That is all for today’s anchor briefing.

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