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House of Hummingbird (15)
Drama/ 138/ Korean/ Aug. 29

In 1994, many things happened in Korea: The Seongsu bridge collapsed, bringing with it hundreds of casualties. It was also the year that North Korean leader Kim Il-sung died. But none of that news is a big deal to 14-year-old Eun-hee, who only desires love from her family. As the third child, Eun-hee finds herself in the shadows of her older siblings and parents who do not have time to spare for her due to their work.

She finds comfort in the presence of her best friend and her boyfriend, but she soon comes to realize that their care is not enough.

While Eun-hee struggles, a teacher named Young-ji comes to the rescue. Unlike everyone else, Young-ji actually listens to what Eun-hee has to say and advises her to stand up for herself when she thinks things are unfair. Eun-hee finally feels like there is someone on her side. But can it last?

“House of Hummingbird” is the debut feature film from director Kim Bo-ra. The film has quietly gathered 24 awards from international film fests over the past year, including the Grand Prix award in the Grand Prix Generation 14 Plus section at the Berlin International Film Festival, the Grand Jury Prize at the Istanbul Film Festival and the Best International Narrative Feature Award at the Tribeca Film Festival.

47 Meters Down: Uncaged (15)
Horror, Thriller/ 90/ English/ Aug. 28

Sasha, Mia, Alexa and Nicole excitedly grab their scuba diving gear and head out to explore the ruins of an ancient Mayan temple after Sasha and Mia’s father, Grant, drops them off before heading to his own cave-diving expeditions.

While they are swimming over the temple, however, they accidently cause a commotion which wakes a hungry, blind, but all-together vicious shark.

To their absolute horror, they find that there is a group of sharks waiting for them while they try to call the adults for help. Can they find the adults in time and get to safety?


The Current War (15)
Drama/ 108/ English/ Aug. 22

Who would choose dominance over the invention of electricity, which forever changed humankind?

“The Current War” tells the story of the “war of currents” between electricity geniuses Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. The two strongly disagree over which current is more efficient to generate electricity: Edison sides with direct current while Tesla argues that alternating current would be better.

The two soon become involved in a heated competition to prove their theory in time for the Chicago World’s Fair, where they each present their invention.

A star-studded cast plays the film’s four main characters: Benedict Cumberbatch as Edison, Michael Shannon as George Westinghouse, Nicholas Hoult as Nikola Tesla and Tom Holland as Samuel Insull.

The House of Us (All)
Drama, Family/ 92/ Korean/ Aug. 22

Twelve-year-old Ha-na’s greatest trouble of her short life is that she has to fall asleep every night listening to her parents yelling at each other.

Sisters Yu-mi and Yu-jin hate moving so often: They have already lived in seven different homes and genuinely hope that they can finally settle in the one they’re in.

The three girls live in the same town and come across each other during summer vacation, becoming close while sharing their fears and worries about their families. When the sisters are again faced with the possibility of moving while Ha-na’s parents are on the brink of divorce, Ha-na becomes determined to protect them all.

The trio will do whatever it takes to show the adults that they need to stay together in order to overcome whatever hardships or obstacles that come their way.

Child actors Kim Na-yeon, Kim Si-ah and Joo Ye-rim play Ha-na, Yu-mi and Yu-jin. While Kim Na-yeon and Joo Ye-rim are making their film debut, Kim Si-ah played a lead role in highly praised “Miss Baek” (2018).


Jesters: The Game Changers (12)
Drama/ 108/ Korean/ Aug. 21

King Sejo, the seventh King of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) is at the end of his reign. His power over the people is growing weak, and the King worries that he won’t be able to safely pass the throne on to his son.

During this time, Han Myeong-hoi, the King’s most loyal servant and trusted adviser, hears about the five jesters who can spin any story they want into the truth.

Seeing that the quintet is the key to shaping public opinion of the King, Han gives them a mission to spread impressive stories about the King, who is trying to rehabilitate his image after taking the throne from his own nephew.

Han’s intuition turns out to be right - the clever jesters can create whatever illusions they want, and 40 events that they orchestrated are recorded in the Records of King Sejo in the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty as series of God-sent signs that the King is indeed worthy of his royal title.

Metamorphosis (15)
Horror, Thriller/ 113/ Korean/ Aug. 21

Horrible things begin to happen to a family after a demon latches on to their home - the catch is that this particular demon can take on the form of any member of the family, creating confusion, anger and resentment among the four of them as the demon works hard to manipulate them.

Amongst the chaos, the children’s uncle, an exorcist priest, comes to the rescue and tries to extract the demon out of their lives - but can they distinguish the real person from the demon?

Veteran actors Bae Sung-woo, Sung Dong-il and Jang Young-nam play the uncle, father and mother, while rookie actors Kim Hye-jun, Cho Yi-hyun and Kim Kang-hoon play the three children.


Bring the Soul: The Movie (All)
Documentary/ 103/ Korean/ Aug. 7

With stops in Korea, North America and Europe, K-pop stars BTS spent the spring touring the world, wrapping up with a show in Paris in June. This film follows the group as they perform in large stadiums in front of crowds they could have only dreamed of.

The day after their tour finishes, the group meets up at a small rooftop restaurant, reflects on the tour and congratulates themselves for their success.

The documentary covers the septet’s lives on tour and behind-the-stage moments for fans wanting to see more.
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