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AI is the answer

The author is the sports team chief of the JoongAng Ilbo.

A new field sport has made a splash across the world after it was first introduced in April this year in the United States. The name of the sport is Speedgate and is dubbed the first sport invented by artificial intelligence (AI). It started with a group of computer designers in Portland, Oregon, tasking their AI system to come up with a new sports game for humans that can be “fun, easy to learn and accessible for a broad range of players.” Programmers fed information on more than 400 games around the world and 7,300 game rules to the deep learning machine. The algorithm came up with over 1,000 ideas and suggestions. They narrowed down the games and tested them until they finally agreed on one – Speedgate.

The fast-moving game mixes the elements of the field sports of football, cricket, field hockey and rugby, played by two teams of six. A score is made by throwing or kicking the ball (but not running with or carrying it) through a gate at the end of the playing field. It already has leagues in more than 50 countries around the world.

AI has been active in the sports field. According to Forbes, AI has been applied for recruiting and scouting athletes, keeping records on training and games and evaluating athletes’ conditions and capabilities.

Machines began to threaten human capacity after a Google program beat the human champion at the board game of baduk, or Go. It raised fears of the arrival of the technological singularity, or the moment when AI surpasses human intelligence. Some refer to AI as the last human invention and predict AI will bring doom to mankind. They emphasize the need to teach AI ethics.

The divide and controversy over Justice Minister Cho Kuk also have rivaling fronts disputing the number of crowds rallying in support or against Cho. Some advise using AI to calculate the head counts. But while on the subject, why not assign AI to lead reforms and overhaul disputes, since humans so far have been demonstrating that they are incapable of handling them amongst themselves?
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