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Crawl (15)
Action, Thriller/ 87/ English/ Nov. 27

Haley Keller grows worried for her father Dave who isn’t picking up his phone as Hurricane Wendy speeds toward Florida.

While she searches for her father at his home, she finds him wounded and unconscious. However, when she is trying to drag him out, she comes face-to-face with enormous and ravenous alligators, who are believed to have come ashore due to the flooding caused by the hurricane.

Can Haley and Dave survive through the swarm of predatory alligators and find a way to escape in time?

Haley is played by actor Kaya Scodelario, who is famous for her role as Teresa in “The Maze Runner” film series (2014-2018).

Marriage Story (15)
Comedy, Drama/ 137/ English/ Nov. 27

This film takes a look at what a family goes through during a separation.

Charlie and Nicole Barber decide to get divorced, but they have their young son, Henry, to take care of. Although the couple want to split on friendly terms, their separation is taken to court when the matter of parental rights and the custody of Henry lies at stake.

The couple is portrayed by actors Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver. The film received a 97 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which praised the two actors’ powerful performances. The movie can be streamed on Netflix from Dec. 6


Frozen 2 (All)
Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Musical/ 103/ English/ Nov. 21

Elsa grows distraught when she begins to hear a mysterious voice, which can evidently be heard only by her, calling out to her. Not wanting to disrupt the peace in the kingdom of Arendelle that has lasted for three years since her coronation, she tries to ignore it but unintentionally wakes the elemental spirits.

The wakening turns Arendelle to an inhospitable place, and the sisters manage to temporarily evacuate their people from the kingdom.

Once again, Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven set off on an adventure beyond the borders of their kingdom to find out what the spirits want, discovering Arendelle’s and their parents’ past along the way as they try to resolve the spirits’ unrest.

Moonlit Winter (15)
Romance/ 105/ Korean/ Nov. 14

Yoon-hee is a single mother raising her daughter Sae-bom, and even though she recently got out of an unhappy marriage, she still remains depressed. Sae-bom doesn’t understand why a shadow seems to hang over her mother’s shoulders all the time until she reads a letter addressed to her mother: It is a letter written from Otaru, Japan, by her mother’s first love Jun. As she reads the letter, Sae-bom realizes that Jun is, in fact, a woman.

After the discovery about her mother’s sexuality, Sae-bom discreetly plans a meetup between the two, nonchalantly suggesting that they go on a mother-daughter road trip to Otaru.

More than about hidden sexuality, it is a road movie, with the bonding of mother and daughter, and moreover, a film about love. Yoon-hee and Sae-bom are portrayed by Kim Hee-ae and Kim So-hye.

Black Money (12)
Crime, Drama/ 113/ Korean/ Nov. 13

Prosecutor Yang Min-hyuk is known for his rash investigations and doing everything his way.

However, his methods land him in hot water when a suspect he was investigating commits suicide and he is accused of killing them. While trying to prove his innocence, he realizes that the suspect was an important witness in the massive corruption behind the disposal of the Bank of Daehan.

Yang quickly realizes that he has stumbled upon one of the biggest finance scandals in the country’s history, involving a myriad of big corporations and government institutions.
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