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The Invisible Man (15)
Horror, Thriller / 124 mins. / English / Feb. 26

Cecilia runs away in the dead of the night from her controlling boyfriend Adrian with the help of her sister Harriet and her childhood friend James.

However, when she meets Adrian again, he’s a pile of ash - she is told that he had slit his wrists at the shock of Cecilia leaving him, and has left $5 million of his vast fortune to her. Cecilia immediately realizes that his death was faked, and all around her she begins to feel his presence, although she cannot see him.

A brilliant scientist before his death, Cecilia suspects that Adrian has found a way to become invisible, and she begins a lonesome battle against him despite the fact that nobody believes her.

Beasts Clawing at Straws (18)
Crime, Thriller / 108 mins. / Korean / Feb. 19

A fast-paced thriller about how eight characters turn into deceiving beasts when their fates become intertwined while chasing after a bag full of cash.

Tae-young, a Korea Customs Service worker, suffers from constant threats and pressure from the loan sharks when his ex-girlfriend Yeon-hee leaves him with overwhelming debt. Joong-man tries to support his family through a part-time job at a bathhouse. Yeon-hee, on the other hand, plans to start a new life for herself after she wins the money.

The blockbuster stars Jung Woo-sung, Jeon Do-yeon, Yoon Yeo-jeong, Bae Sung-woo, Shin Hyun-been, Jung Ga-ram, Jin Kyung and Jung Man-sik.

Honest Candidate (12)
Comedy / 104 mins. / Korean / Feb. 12

For the politician Joo Sang-sook, lying is easier than anything else in the world. She’s managed to survive and thrive in dirty politics through frauds and bribes, and that’s how she plans to become a member of the National Assembly when she is one day struck with a curse that forces her to only tell the truth.

When she realizes that nothing can break the spell, she quickly changes her tactics and begins to promote herself as the most honest candidate, and people love her for it!

Joo is played by Ra Mi-ran, while Kim Moo-yeol plays Joo’s aide Park Hee-chul. Na Moon-hee stars as Joo’s grandmother.


Birds of Prey (15)
Action, Crime / 108 mins. / English / Feb. 5

The hottest gossip in Gotham City is that Joker and Harley Quinn have officially broken up. Harley makes their breakup known to the city when she destroys Ace Chemicals, where she made a vow to live for Joker.

Harley soon finds out that she has made a lot of enemies while with Joker, and all of them are determined to get her alone.

One of those enemies is Roman Sionis, a nightclub owner/ gangster boss known as Black Mask, who has a habit of slicing off his victims’ faces.

Harley manages to strike a deal with him to let her go if she finds the diamond that belonged to the Bertinelli mafia family by midnight.

While on her adventure, Harley meets up with other vigilantes in town. She likes having them around, but she still has to deliver the diamond to Sionis if she wants to live.

Margot Robbie returns to her role as Harley Quinn. Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays the Huntress, Jurnee Smollett-Bell plays Black Canary, Rosie Perez plays Renee Montoya and Ella Jay Basco is Cassandra Cain.

Parasite (15)
Drama / 131 mins. / Korean / May 30

Ki-woo is the eldest son in a poor family. His four-member family lives in an underground basement, where they struggle to maintain jobs and make ends meet, until his friend Min-hyuk offers him a part-time job to tutor a rich family’s daughter. Although Ki-woo doesn’t go to a university, his younger sister Ki-jung forges a document to make it look like he goes to the best university in Korea. Ki-woo isn’t too bothered with the forgery, because he plans to attend the school next year.

When he enters the rich family’s mansion and gets to know the family members, he forms a plan, and, one by one, gets his entire family working for the rich family. Everything goes smoothly until the former housekeeper visits the mansion, pleading to be let in to retrieve a possession she forgot to take with her.

The film won Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best International Feature Film at the 92nd Academy Awards this month.

The Closet (15)
Mystery, Drama / 98 mins. / Korean / Feb. 5

Sang-won is a widower who doesn’t know how to be around his only daughter, Ina. Concerned about her health, the two move into a secluded house outside the city.

Busy with his own work, Sang-won neglects Ina, and the two seem to grow further apart.

One day, however, Ina begins to smile and tells him that she’s made a new friend. Sang-won, on the other hand, begins to hear children’s laughs within the walls and strange things begin to happen around the house.

On a rainy night, Ina disappears within the home.

After a month without police making headway into the case, Sang-won is finally desperate enough to ask for help from Kyung-hoon, who calls himself an exorcist and insists that Ina is not the first to disappear - there is an evil lurking behind the closet doors.
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