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[National Treasure]Avatamsaka Sutra

Name: Avatamsaka Sutra (The Flower Garland Sutra), Zhou Version, Volume 6

Period: Goryeo  (918-1392)

Location: Jung District, central Seoul

Status: National Treasure No. 203
Daebanggwangbul Avatamsaka Sutra is also called by its shortened name, Avatamsaka Sutra.
Along with the Lotus Sutra, this principal scripture of the Avatamsaka Sutra is one of the books that has had the greatest influence on the establishment of Korean Buddhist philosophy.
This is Book No. 6 among the 80 books of the original edition of the Avatamsaka Sutra translated by Sikṣānanda of the Tang Dynasty of China.
It was printed by a woman named Jeon Sun-mi who lived in Damyang in South Jeolla, with a prayer for her mother's easy passage into eternity.
The book is produced by woodblock printing on mulberry paper joined together in a row and designed to be stored in the form of a scroll.
The scroll is 649.2 centimeters (255.5 inches) long and 30.8 centimeters wide.
Because the book does not contain the account of publication, the exact date of its publication is unknown.
However, it has the same style of calligraphy and engraving as the edition kept at Haein Temple.
Therefore, it is likely that it was printed around the 12th century by reproducing woodblocks from the original edition of the Avatamsaka Sutra kept at Haein Temple.
The photos and text for National Treasure are provided by the Cultural Heritage Administration. For more information, call (042) 481-4650 or visit www.cha.go.kr. 
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